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CUR Consulting Services


CUR Consulting Services

The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) offers consulting and mentoring services to individuals, academic departments, divisions, and entire campuses. CUR provides these services by calling upon academic professionals who share its vision and goals, and who have thought deeply about undergraduate education quality. CUR's faculty and administrative consultants, program reviewers, meeting facilitators, and mentors are experienced in visiting academic institutions, listening to your needs, and providing the help you need. Unlike the departmental program review service*, the consulting service is designed to assist multidepartmental and/or institution-wide needs.

CUR's consultants have a wide range of expertise and are recruited from diverse institutional settings. They can help you:

  • design a faculty-mentored research program,
  • help senior administrators better understand how to support undergraduate research programs,
  • enhance an undergraduate research program for nonmajors,
  • engage diverse students with differing needs,
  • devise a program to revitalize mid-career faculty,
  • prepare for an accreditation visit,
  • transform or rejuvenate a department,
  • train faculty research mentors,
  • enhance grant competitiveness,
  • establish a campus-wide undergraduate research office,
  • institutionalize undergraduate research,
  • set up or review research compliance programs,
  • review the activities of sponsored program and/or foundation offices,
  • design an assessment strategy or strategic plan,
  • set up community-campus research initiatives,
  • develop a university consortium, and/or
  • help design a fund-raising program.

On-Campus Institutes

A new type of consultant visit is one in which one or more of the facilitators from the popular CUR institute series visits your campus to:

  • conduct a one- or two-day on-campus institute for members of your faculty, administration, and staff, or
  • help faculty who have attended a CUR institute implement the plans they made at the CUR institute (e.g., attendees of CUR’s Initiating and Sustaining Undergraduate Research Programs or Transforming Undergraduate Research Culture and Curricula institutes may seek a facilitator for a faculty retreat).

The Process: CUR Works with You.

Because the types of consultancies and the amount of time involved can vary tremendously, those interested in having an on-campus institute or workshop should contact the CUR National Office at consulting@cur.org. CUR will work with you to develop a work plan, asking for background information on your campus and your expectations regarding the outcomes of the consultancy. This process allows CUR to identify the best people to meet your needs. The names of several consultants will be proposed, and you can select the one best suited to your needs and schedule. The CUR National Office will then monitor the process as you and the consultants set up a schedule and proceed with the visit.


Scope and Fee Structure

Fees will vary depending on the type and length of the consultancy or institute.

For information on costs associated with on-campus institutes or consulting visits, please contact the CUR National Office at consulting@cur.org.



Institutions wanting to set up an on-campus institute should contact CUR six to nine months prior to the expected date of the visit, as scheduling consultants often requires lead time.

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Please contact the CUR National Office with questions about a consulting visit.
Telephone: (202) 783 4810 x 205
*For information on Departmental Program Reviews, please visit the Program Review Services Page