Learning Through Research

Poster Sessions


Poster Presentations

All poster sessions will take place in Memorial Coliseum.  Poster presentations are paper displays that must be prepared in advance. They may not include exhibits of models, devices or computer programs. Paper and supplies are not provided.
Poster Hanging
  • Each presenter is provided with one side of a freestanding fabric display board measuring 46"w x40"h. 
  • Presenters should arrive approximately 30 minutes before their presentation time to find their assigned location and hang their posters.  Posters should be taken down immeidately folllowing the assigned session.
  • The presenter must provide velcro or push pins to attach materials to the display board, along with any other supplies.
  • Presenters must be available to discuss their displays during their assigned session.
  • Posters must be readable from at least three feet away.
  • NCUR reserves the right to cancel a presenter’s poster session if the above requirements are not met.