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Driving personal vehicles to campus is dicouraged.  Parking at the University of Kentucky is very restricted.  If you are not staying at a hotel with a shuttle, please review the following parking options.
Remote On-campus Parking
Location: RV lot near the intersection of Alumni Drive and Commonwealth Drive.
A remote parking area has been designated for regional attendees driving to and from home each day at the intersection of Alumni Drive and Commonwealth Drive across from Commonwealth Football Stadium.  There is no charge to park in the remote parking area.  Disabled attendees who drive in are encouraged to use the remote parking area as all buses are ADA accessible.
Those parking in the remote lot should ride the Lextran Greg Page/Stadium Route buses which pick up at the bus stop on the east side of the lot.  Look for a designated sign and volunteer.  These buses run from 7:00am-7:00pm approximately every 10 minutes.  Conference attendees should get off at the bus stop on S. Limestone at the base of Administration Drive near the steps to the Main Building.  Signs and volunteers at the stop will direct you to the conference registration area, a short walk away.
Limited Daily Self-pay Parking at Structure 5
Location: 409 S. Limestone (entrances on S. Limestone and S. Upper St.)
Visitor rates are $2 for the first hour, $2 for the second hour, $1 for every hour thereafter with a $10 maximum per day.  There is no overnight parking allowed in this structure.  Parking fees are made using three ATM-style central cashier stations, located in Stairwell A on levels 1 and 3.  Handicap accessible parking is available on all levels of the structure.  Elevators are located in Stairwell A.  To enhance convenience, access, and safety, pedestrains may use the pedway from Stairwell A, level 3, to cross S. Limeston to the UK Student Center.
Disability Parking
NCUR participants with permanent or temporary physical impairments that substantially limit their ability to walk, may qualify for disability parking.  A campus disability parking permit is required for parking in campus disability spaces.  Visitors may have a state-issued disability license plate or state-issued disability parking pass, but these are not valid for diability parking on campus.  Please contact the NCUR office at ncur2014@uky.edu if you need to request an on-campus handicap parking permit.