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NCUR 2013 at the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse

Faculty Involvement Opportunities at NCUR

Faculty Administrator Network (FAN) sessions are designed to share best practices for undergraduate research and scholarship and to provide opportunities for faculty and administrators to meet and share information. The sessions take place each day during the breaks between student presentations.

Previous FAN Sessions have included: Incorporating Undergraduate Research into the Curriculum: More Bang for your Buck;  Splicing Together Funding Sources to Maintain An Active Undergraduate Research Program During Times of Financial Constraint;  Community Based Research; Assessment and Evaluation of Undergraduate Research Programs; The Research-Rich Curriculum; Running an Office of Undergraduate Research; Research Experiences for Undergraduates: A Multi-Tiered Curriculum Based Approach; Expanding Undergraduate Research Throughout the Curriculum: the Humanities and Creative Arts; Creative Approaches to Engaging Diverse STEM students in Undergraduate Research; and Supporting Undergraduate Research in Special Education Placements for Pre-service Teachers.

Although proposals for any dimension of the undergraduate research process or experience are welcome, proposals that address: (1) broadening and diversifying participation in undergraduate research, (2) embedding undergraduate research in the curriculum, particularly at the lower division level, and, (3) measuring the impact of undergraduate research on student success, are particularly desired.

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Sample FAN Abstract

Abstract Title:

Developing Public-Private Partnerships to Enhance Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Name of authors(s), Department(s), Institution and Institutional Address:
John F. Cavitt Professor of Zoology and Director for WSU’s Office of Undergraduate Research, and Melvin Carr Director for WSUs Office of Sponsored Programs. Weber State University Ogden, Utah 84408


Providing undergraduate students with an applied research experience is important within many academic disciplines. Engaging undergraduates in important and relevant research questions can provide critical information for governmental agencies, industry and nongovernmental organizations. This community-based research approach not only allows students to quickly apply theory to practice but also provides a greater opportunity for funding the research projects. Over the past eight years the Avian Ecology Laboratory at Weber State University has developed important relationships with state and federal agencies, corporations and nongovernmental organizations to support undergraduate research opportunities. Discussion will focus on a successful model for sustainable, community-based research involving multiple partners. This research model has provided innovative opportunities for undergraduate research at all levels of ability. In addition, this session will discuss how faculty can develop and sustain partnerships as well as secure, and leverage funding from a variety of sources.

The Call for supplemental NCUR Abstract Reviewers is now open. In 2009 UW-L faculty were able to review most NCUR abstracts submitted.  Some external (to UW-L) reviewers assisted with a few abstracts in engineering and agriculture, fields in which UW-L does not offer degrees.  This year, UW-L is again happy to extend the invitation to external reviewers to assist in the success of the 2013 NCUR Conference.  They are especially interested in reviewers from engineering and agriculture, but individuals from all fields are welcome to submit their name for consideration. If you are interested in reviewing, please register on-line at
and provide your contact information and area of expertise.  We will share this information with the appropriate discipline coordinator at UW-L, and they will contact potential reviewers if they determine the need for additional reviewer expertise.   Reviews will take place between December 5 and January 8.