Learning Through Research

What if there were no CUR?

If there were no CUR, What programs and opportunities would be absent from the Undergraduate Research landscape?

Without a CUR, there would be:

  • No organization with the focal mission to speak on behalf of faculty in undergraduate institutions to help strengthen their research programs and to generate awareness and national support for undergraduate research
  • No national conferences where faculty from undergraduate institutions, college/university administrators, corporate leaders and government representatives join together to exchange information and debate current issues affecting undergraduate research
  • No Annual Dialogue in Washington, D.C. where faculty and administrators from undergraduate institutions can learn about and help set the national research agenda
  • No Annual Dialogue where faculty and administrators can learn about funding opportunities directly from the program officers, and can discuss these opportunities in depth
  • No Institutes program where faculty and administrators participate as a learning community in developing action plans relating to "How to Institutionalize Undergraduate Research", "Proposal Writing", "Mentorship, Collaboration and Undergraduate Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities" and other topics
  • No personalized consulting service available for institutions wishing to conduct external reviews of departments, divisions, curricula, and undergraduate research programs
  • No Quarterly Journal devoted to addressing issues of undergraduate research and faculty development and funding opportunities of particular interest to faculty involved in undergraduate research
  • No effective national network for faculty involved in undergraduate research to connect to one another
  • No electronic service providing un-moderated opportunities for faculty in undergraduate institutions to debate and discuss current issues and to receive and exchange information in a timely manner
  • No multi-disciplinary, national organization where volunteers are the governing and guiding body on policy and programs
  • No CUR E - News with advanced news about upcoming grant competitions and news from Washington, D.C.
  • No organization to provide catalysts for faculty and administrator interaction away from one's own campus setting
  • No organizational home for faculty to gain experience that may lead towards administrative positions and other career opportunities