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Volunteer Opportunities for Members

Are you interested in being a CUR volunteer?

The Council on Undergraduate Research is a grassroots organization designed for active member participation. CUR's volunteers work with CUR staff to produce many of its programs (Program Review services, CUR Fellows Awards, Posters on the Hill), organize its meetings (CUR Institutes, National Conference workshops) and develop its publications (such as the CUR Quarterly and How To Series).

To learn more about how you can help CUR's mission and goals, click on the links below:

CUR Councilor

CUR Councilors are the governing board of our organization. Councilors help set policy and create programs and workshops for the organization. The call for Councilors goes out each fall, and elections are held in the Spring.  Contact the CUR National Office for more information.

Institutional Liaison

The CUR Institutional Liaisons provide a personal link between CUR and their home institution. They keep their home institution aware of the "goings on" of CUR, promote CUR memberships among their colleagues, and keep CUR informed of the needs and interests of their colleagues, so that CUR programs can evolve to meet these needs. Not sure if your school has a liaison? Click here to find the list of CUR Liaisons. If your school does not have a liaison listed and you would like to be the liaison for your school email the CUR National Office.

CUR Program Review Committee

Members are welcome to participate in CUR’s Program Review Committee, through which reviewers visit campuses to perform traditional departmental or divisional reviews, providing reports for departments or administrations. Reviewers can also arrange reviews of particular programs or help with the implementation of one. Contact CUR at cur@cur.org if you would like to become a reviewer.

CUR Speaker

The CUR Speaker's Bureau provides an opportunity for institutions to host visits from individuals who can talk firsthand about undergraduate research, education, and the high caliber science research conducted at undergraduate institutions. To join the Bureau, submit your vita, email address, a short biography suitable for use in our Speaker's Bureau listing and seminar abstracts (see Speaker's Bureau webpage for proper format) to the CUR National Office.

CUR Conference Workshop Organizer

Are you interested in organizing a workshop to be held at a CUR Conference? Please contact the CUR National office at cur@cur.org.

Government Relations Facilitator

CUR is active in government relations, working to strengthen the public image of undergraduate institutions and providing information on the importance of undergraduate research to state legislatures, private foundations, government agencies, and the U.S. Congress. Any member is welcome to volunteer to help with any of CUR’s government relations issues, or to suggest an issue for CUR to work on. Contact the National Office at cur@cur.org if you have any ideas or would like to work on government issues with CUR.