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Options and Benefits

Membership Options and Benefits

Individual members are generally faculty and administrators, but any student, staff member, or other interested individual is eligible to join.  Annual dues are $80.00.  Groups of five or more individuals from the same institution are eligible for a reduced membership rate of $75.00 per individual per year, provided all individuals pay in one payment.  A 10% discount is given to individuals that join or renew for two years at one time. Postdoctoral students are eligible for a reduced rate of $60.00 (per year) for two years.  Retired faculty and administrators, undergraduate students, and graduate students are eligible for reduced dues of $40.00.
Institutional membership is designed to assist colleges and universities with their continued development and support of undergraduate research. Annual dues are $880.00.
Academic systems are eligible for a discounted rate of $615.00 per institution, provided that the system administration pays for all institutions in one payment, and each institution in the system becomes a member.  System membership is available to groups with an organized office that holds fiduciary liability to the group.  The group must be recognized by a statutory authority and must have a static or otherwise defined membership that is not dependent upon dues payments or application approval.  Appropriate documentation must be provided to demonstrate these requirements, and approval of the group for system membership is subject to CUR National Office review.  CUR reserves the right to amend these requirements at any time.
North American institutions outside the United States are eligible for a reduced dues rate of $660.00. International institutions outside of North America are eligible for a dues rate of $440.00.
Enhanced membership is for academic institutions that wish to more fully support their faculty and staff through the undergraduate research process.  Annual dues are based on the undergraduate full-time enrollment (FTE) at the institution.  Institutions with 5,000 undergraduates or fewer pay $2,000.00; those with between 5,001 and 10,000 undergraduates pay $3,000.00; and institutions with more than 10,000 undergraduates pay $4,000.00.
Affiliate memberships are available for organizations and institutions that are not colleges and universities, including corporations, foundations, and federal or state agencies, that share in the mission of CUR. Annual dues are $340.00