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The Council on Undergraduate Research has purchased a membership with Newswise to post news releases on behalf of its member institutions.  We hope this brief will inform you about Newswise and how to contribute your news through your CUR institutional membership.
What is Newswise?
Newswise is an academic news distribution service that provides media with news leads submitted by members.  Journalists receive the news by subscribing to an emailed Daily Wire.  From the wire, they review news releases and decide whether or not to follow up on any leads and contacts.
What media does Newswise reach?
Newswise send the Daily Wire to over 4,000 individually subscribed staff journalists and freelancers of every type of media: print, broadcast, and web.
What kind of news does Newswise distribute?
Newswise delivers academic-based news from research institutions.  Those articles may present research-related results published in peer-reviewed journals, conferences, or other reports.  There is a significant media subscriber base interested in features pitches, as well.  CUR Institutional members may submit news articles about undergraduate research on their campus.  The articles may be about research that a student is doing or research that is part of a collaboration between a faculty member and student(s).  The news release must mention that the institution is a member of the Council on Undergraduate Research.  Submissions may also be about student publications, faculty/student publications, student presentations, faculty/student presentations or any other news item about undergraduate research. 
What format should a Newswise release take?
The standard news release includes several basic elements:
  • A headline, usually up to 55 characters, that boldly and briefly states the topic at hand;
  • A lead, consisting of around 5-7 lines, that describes the main idea of the news release;
  • The text of a release that develops the topic of your news and provides supplemental information when applicable: appropriate background information, quotes from faculty experts, hyper links to additional resources, etc.;
  • Reference to your institution's CUR Membership; and
  • Contact details that indicate how media can reach appropriate members of your news office and/or faculty experts.
How can you contribute?
Each news release can be submitted to CUR via email at cur@cur.org.  After review and approval, your release will be uploaded to Newswise for inclusion in the Daily Wire.  In the event that more releases are received than can be accommodated, CUR will select those that best reflect the mission of CUR.  Should you have any questions, please contact CUR at cur@cur.org or 202-783-4810.
What other benefits are available from the CUR Newswise membership?
As part of this membership, any contact in your news office is eligible to receive the complimentary Daily Wire, which can be a benefit because you can examine your releases and monitor what your peers send.  That option can be activated by submitting a request on line.