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Institutional Membership for Colleges and Universities

CUR Institutional Membership for Colleges and Universities

Institutional membership is designed to assist colleges and universities with developing, supporting and sustaining their undergraduate research enterprise. CUR can be a catalyst for campus transformation, offering opportunities for faculty professional development in research and curriculum. Institutional membership exemplifies administrative commitment to undergraduate research, a message that is much appreciated by the faculty and prospective students.  In addition, institutional members join with many other prestigious colleges and universities in support of undergraduate research as an important component of higher education. Our national contact base allows us to be particularly effective in representing the interests of those concerned with undergraduate research in all disciplines.

Institutional dues for Regular memberships for 2017-2018 are $880. Please note this cost is pro-rated for new members joining during the membership year, which runs from July 1st- June 30th.

More than 700 colleges and universities are Institutional CUR Members.  Our members come together as a unified voice for the impact and importance of undergraduate research.   

Institutional Members


Benefits to the Institution:
• Receive three individual memberships. All are to be assigned at the institution's discretion. The three representatives receive the same membership benefits as individual members. Please note that we offer the Enhanced Institutional Membership with unlimited individual memberships.
•Keep up with inside information on government relations, funding opportunities and breaking news.    
• Institutional members receive discounts on CUR Institute Registration fees, CUR Meeting Registration fees, and also receive a discount on CUR consulting services.
•Participation in the Posters on the Hill. This highly competitive event brings 60 students with their faculty mentor each year to Washington D.C. to present their research on Capitol Hill. Membership is required for student-faculty teams to apply.
•Receive CUR Publications. A copy of each publication in the 'how-to" series will be sent to all new institutional members. 
•Reduction on fee to receive Graduate Student Registry. Graduate institutions will receive a discount on subscriptions to the Graduate Student Registry. The Registry lists students who have had significant undergraduate research experience and wish to pursue a graduate degree.
•Gain Public Notice. Information about your institution that is also related to CUR's mission can be posted on CUR's website and printed in CUR publications. CUR will also post press releases on your behalf to Newswise, a daily wire sent to over 4,000 journalists.
•Mentoring Service: Experienced faculty helping others along—this is the essence of CUR. Individual members can be matched with someone close to their interests, with whom they can discuss job applications, grant applications, tenure documents...
•Subscriptions to the CUR Quarterly. You may select three individuals to receive paper copies of the CUR Quarterly. We will also send a complimentary copy to your Library. 
•30% off first year subscription to ScholarBridge services.


Direct benefits to the three institutional member representatives include:
•A paper subscription to the CUR Quarterly.
•Discounts to attend CUR's Biennial Conference and CUR Dialogues, both of which include workshops and opportunities to network with peers and representatives of funding agencies. 
•Discounts to purchase publications from the CUR Library. 
•Access to information on funding opportunities, jobs, and other resources on the members' only portion of CUR's website, in the monthly CUR E-newsletter and in the CUR Community.  
•Eligibility to receive mentoring or pre-submission proposal reviews from colleagues in your discipline.
•Eligibility to run for CUR Councilor.
•The opportunity to develop and be recognized for leadership skills within the academic community by serving on CUR committees and on the General Council or participating in departmental consulting, speaking, and other leadership activities.
•Discounts on Wiley Publications.