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Affinity Groups

CUR Affinity Groups

The Council on Undergraduate Research offers its members the option of joining one or more Affinity Groups. Affinity Group members receive occasional special CUR E-News tailored to their interests, including announcements of funding opportunities and events. Affinity Group members are resource people for CUR programs - for example, they may be asked to organize or suggest workshops at CUR National Conferences. The groups may be polled for suggestions for articles in the CUR Quarterly. Time is set aside at CUR meetings for conversations among members of affinity groups. CUR members are listed in the CUR electronic database with their affinity categories.

These groups allow us to fine-tune our ability to communicate with our members and learn of their interests and needs. These groups are external to CUR's governance structure and have no formal relationship with committees, but committees may poll affinity groups for help in developing programs and events.

The Affinity Groups currently being offered are (listed in parentheses is a contact person for the group):

Arts and Humanities Issues (Andrew Harris)
Biochemistry (Roger Rowlett)
Canadian Issues (Katherine Darvesh)
College and University Administration Issues (Neal Abraham)
Education Research and Teacher Preparation (Ruth Palmer and Dennis Munk)
Engineering (Robb Winter)
Environmental Research (Christine MacTaylor)
Issues for Directors of Undergraduate Research Programs (Janice DeCosmo)
Libraries and Museums (Kathy Payne)
Research University Issues (Sandra Gregerman)