CUR Fellows Awards Nominations Process

The CUR Fellows awards are presented every two years to two CUR members who have enabled research and/or creative projects among undergraduates at their institution through mentorship and demonstrated leadership activities. CUR Fellows are leaders and role models for those involved in undergraduate research/creative activities.


Although self-nominations are not accepted, any member of CUR may nominate another CUR member for the CUR Fellows awards.

Selection Criteria

Recognizing that significant and meaningful scholarly/creative activities with undergraduate students can take many forms, the following criteria will be considered by the selection committee:

  1. The nominee demonstrates a strong track record of enabling scholarly and/or creative projects involving diverse populations of undergraduates. Examples of such activities include but are not limited to the following:
  • Evidence of sustained involvement with undergraduates in research and creative activities;
  • Post-baccalaureate success of students who participated in undergraduate research, such as admission of students to postgraduate and professional programs; and
  • Engagement of varied student populations and backgrounds, as appropriate in the institutional context, in undergraduate research/creative activities.
  1. The nominee provides and/or facilitates mentorship to undergraduate researchers, scholars, or artists, who have produced significant work in their fields, or to faculty mentors of undergraduates engaged in research/creative activities. Examples of such activities include but are not limited to:
  • Mentoring undergraduates whose work leads to peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations, and/or juried performances/exhibits appropriate to the discipline;
  • Recognition received by undergraduate mentees (e.g., awards);
  • Enabling mentors to institute or enhance research/creative activities with undergraduate students; and
  • Recognition received related to mentoring of undergraduate students in research/creative activities.
  1. The nominee secures support (e.g., extramural, internal, in-kind, etc.) for research and creative activities for undergraduate students. Examples of such activities include but are not limited to:
  • Securing grants, contracts, commissions, and/or gifts or realignment of institutional resources; and
  • Assisting mentors in identifying sources and securing funding to support undergraduate research and creative activities.
  1. The nominee contributes substantially to efforts institutionalizing undergraduate research on their campuses, nationally, and/or internationally, particularly through their involvement in CUR. Examples of such activities include but are not limited to:
  • Publications and presentations about undergraduate research/creative activities;
  • Innovative approaches to mentoring undergraduates;
  • Advocacy of accessibility, equity, and inclusivity in undergraduate research;
  • Incorporation of research/creative activities and experiences into courses, the overall curriculum, or other contributions to the enhancement of the culture of undergraduate research on a campus


A nomination consists of a two-page letter highlighting the nominee’s contributions to all areas of undergraduate research and demonstrates how the nominee’s activities support CUR’s Strategic Plan.

Additionally, a two-page CV of the nominee should be included. Although abbreviated, the CV should detail the nominee’s contribution to undergraduate research/creative activity, ranging from mentoring undergraduate students with resulting publications and creative works to building institutional capacity for undergraduate research to promoting undergraduate research beyond the local level. The letter and CV must be submitted to the CUR National Office as a single PDF document.

The nomination period for the 2022 awards closed in January 2021. 
The two 2022 CUR Fellows Awardees will be notified by Fall 2021 and publicly announced in Spring 2022.
Questions may be addressed to the CUR National Office.

Please note that all CUR award recipients are responsible for any and all applicable tax obligations associated with receipt of the award.