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Revised Action Items - Nominations Committee – 6/7

Revised Action Items from Nominations Committee

June 2007

  1. Nominations for officer shall be sought from the entire CUR membership using a variety of communication venues.
  2. The Council shall elect its President, Secretary and Treasurer from a slate of candidates for each office.  Although it is not desirable to have a single candidate, it is permissible if only one qualified candidate is available or willing to serve.
  3. The ballot for CUR officers shall be constructed by a regularized nominations vetting group.
    • This group shall consist of the Nominations Chair, the immediate Past-President, and three members elected by the Council serving staggered terms.
    • Each elected member shall serve a term of three years and must be an elected councilor at the time of nomination.  The three elected members of the vetting group must be from different divisions.  Each division without a continuing member may put forth a candidate for the vetting group.  If there are multiple openings for the positions, then shorter staggered terms are assigned to the second and third largest vote-getter from the Council election.
  4. The nominations vetting group shall use criteria developed by the Nominations Committee, and made public, to vet the candidates.
  5. The officers shall be elected by the Council using an electronic ballot.
  6. The entire process shall be revisited in 4 years.