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Proposed Guidelines for Nominations Vetting Committee

Proposed Guidelines for Nominations Vetting Committee

Karen Lee (chair), Michael Bassman, Greg Domin, Laura Guertin, and Silvia Ronco 

These guidelines will be shared with the entire CUR membership.

Candidates for all positions must be members in good standing of CUR, and must remain so throughout their terms (2 years for Secretary and Treasurer and 3 years for the president elect- one year each as President-Elect, President, and Past-President). In addition to attending the annual business meeting each June, all officers are expected to attend EB meetings just prior to the June business meeting and once in mid-winter.


Every effort should be made to bring forth two candidates for each elected position.

Candidates for Treasurer must be experienced with reading and evaluating budgets (that will be prepared by the EO).  Prior service on the CUR Finance Committee (or similar committees for other organizations) is preferred. The candidates also must be available throughout the year for conference calls with the Finance Committee and Executive Officer.

Candidates for Secretary must be detail-oriented, be good listeners and writers, be well-organized, and very responsive to requests for information. Experience as a Division Chair or Secretary (or service in similar roles at one’s home institution or in another organization) is preferred, but not required.

Candidates for President-Elect should be CUR veterans with a firm understanding of and experience with the operation of the organization and the council. Candidates should be familiar with current Council business and should have served at least one term as a councilor, though two terms is preferable. Candidates should have prior service as Division Chair, as an Officer on the EB, or have had other leadership roles within CUR that have provided a broad perspective on the organization. Well-developed public speaking ability is ideal, given the role the President may be asked to fulfill.

Other factors that will be considered when vetting candidates for the ballot in any given year:

  • CUR Division
  • Gender
  • Geographic Diversity
  • Type of Institution
  • Support from home institution