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CUR Policy and Procedures on Fundraising

CUR Policy and Procedures on Fundraising

February, 2000; Revised May 22, 2000

The Council on Undergraduate Research, as a grassroots and voluntary organization with an Executive Committee and a National Office, relies upon the generosity and hard work of volunteers to find resources for many of our programs. To help coordinate successful fundraising and to insure proper recognition of the volunteers who participate in this effort, the Executive Committee has drafted the following policy and procedures statement.
Individuals who formally solicit gifts/donations in the name of CUR, its programs, or its divisions are asked to work with the CUR National Executive Officer (NEO) to ensure that their activity is known to the National Office and CUR President, and that any funds received are properly recorded and deposited with accounts at the National Office. The NEO will advise on the solicitations, to ensure that several CUR members are not soliciting the same individual or group, that a consistent message is being presented to potential donors, and that CUR can meet any promised obligations or restrictions. The volunteer(s) and NEO together will develop a summary plan of the activity, including the names of the individuals/groups/organizations to be solicited, the time period, and the purpose of the solicitation. The CUR President will review the document and may suggest changes. The document will be filed in the National Office. 
The National Office will provide templates of cover letters and will provide other solicitation material (case statement, validation of CUR's tax exempt status, etc.) that is required by a funding agency, foundation, corporation, or individual. CUR requests a copy of any written (or electronically transmitted) fundraising solicitation that is sent directly from a volunteer to a potential contributor.
The National Office will maintain records of all CUR fundraising activities, including:
  • Names of individuals, groups, or organizations solicited;
  • Names of individuals working on behalf of CUR to solicit funds;
  • Purpose of the solicitation
  • Time period of the activity
  • Results
  • Obligations on the part of CUR (e.g., that funds are to be used for a particular program)

The above policy applies to any solicitations of foundations, corporations, or government agencies, and for solicitation of major gifts from individuals. This policy does not apply to CUR friends and members who informally solicit friends and colleagues for individual donations to the Andreen Endowment or to the CUR general fund. CUR members and friends are encouraged to use CUR's prepared solicitation form for Andreen donations, so that we may accurately record the donor's name and affiliation, but this is not mandatory.
CUR members and friends are encouraged to use personal, informal interactions to explore the feasibility of making a formal contact with a foundation, corporation, or agency. These informal opportunities often occur in the course of day-to-day business and social interaction. The policy described here begins when a decision is made to make the formal contact.
Fundraising by other institutions in the name of CUR

CUR institutional members may solicit funds to defray the cost to CUR of CUR meetings on their campuses, including conferences and institutes, with the knowledge and approval of the National Executive Officer, who reports to the CUR Executive Committee and Finance Committee. In such cases, CUR is to be kept informed of the progress of the solicitations --- funds received, source, stated purpose, and whether the funds were raised on behalf of CUR. CUR and the institution will work out a budget for the meeting and will decide, prior to fundraising, which events will be covered by fundraising and how the external funds will affect CUR payment obligations under the meeting contract.