Learning Through Research


The CUR Engineering Division was established at the 2013 Annual Business Meeting. This division is charged with providing national leadership and discipline-specific expertise in developing undergraduate research in the area of engineering and engineering-related fields.
The Councilors in the Engineering division will provide leadership in developing undergraduate research in engineering and engineering-related fields.
Our goals are to:
• create a professional community and support system for engineering faculty engaged in undergraduate research;
• promote the growth of engineering membership in CUR;
• advocate support for innovation through undergraduate research in engineering;
• serve as a virtual platform in identifying and sharing best practices for embedding undergraduate research in engineering curricular and co-curricular activities;
• provide networking opportunities in the areas of research development and extramural funding.
In 2016, we have 17 Councilors in the CUR Engineering Division (35% female) from primarily public institutions although we also have representation from a few private institutions as well as Historically Black and Hispanic Serving institutions. Over 50% of the Councilors are in faculty positions while the remaining have some type of administrative responsibilities. We are all dedicated to promoting undergraduate research opportunities and would be interested in welcoming new members, and recruiting new Councilors to our Division who can help us fulfill our goals. 
To become a member, please visit: https://members.cur.org/members_online/members/newmember.asp and be sure to select Engineering as your divisional affiliation.
CUR Councilor Nominations begin in September of each year with deadlines in December. To find out more about CUR Councilor responsibilities, please visit: https://www.cur.org/membership/cur_councilor/.  Councilors are involved in the development of CUR at the divisional and organizational levels. They design and coordinate programs, including workshops, meetings and information resources. This is a unique opportunity to meet and work with other people who share your commitment to undergraduate research and to help CUR and our disciplines increase the awareness and activities associated with undergraduate research in engineering.
Please join us as we work to meet our goals.
Dr. Binod Tiwari
Department of Civil Environmental Engineering
California State University, Fullerton
Dr. Dorota Huizinga
Associate Vice President
Graduate Programs and Research
California State University, Fullerton
Dr. Winny Dong
Department of Materials Engineering
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona