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Awards in CUR Biology Division Recognize Exemplary Faculty Mentors

Rachelle Belanger (U of Detroit Mercy), Amit Dhingra (Washington State U), and William Ensign (Kennesaw State U) honored as Mentor Awardees of CUR's...

NCUR 2018 submission deadline extended

Student submissions for this year's National Conference on Undergraduate Research are due on Fri, Dec 8, 2017.

Nominations Open, 2017 Mentor Awards, CUR Biology Division

Through the CUR Biology Division Mentor Awards, the division honors biology mentors for their long-term efforts in supervising undergraduate research...

Become a Councilor
CUR Councilors are elected to 3-year terms and are expected to attend the yearly business meetings held in June where they participate in helping shape the future of CUR and undergraduate research. Each Councilor serves on a committee where much of the work of CUR gets done. Feel free to contact the current CUR Biology Councilors directly with questions. If you are interested in becoming a Councilor please contact David Ribble.

Biology Mentor Awards
The Biology Division of CUR is pleased to announce our Annual Award to honor Biology Mentors for their long-term efforts in supervising undergraduate research (UGR) students. Individuals who wish to be considered for this year’s award must be members of the CUR Biology Division or from a CUR Institution. Faculty mentoring interdisciplinary projects are encouraged to apply as long as those projects involve a major biological component. Application materials are available at at https://www.cur.org/governance/divisions/biology_mentor_awards/ or you can email Larry Wimmers, Co-Chair of the Mentor Awards Subcommittee.

Biology Student Travel Awards
The Biology Division of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) offers a limited number of travel grants, up to $250 each, for undergraduate students presenting original research results at a regional or national, discipline-specific meeting. Award recipients are required to acknowledge CUR for support of their travel in their talk or poster. Minority students are encouraged to apply. For more information, please visit the information page or contact Jacqueline Morris.

CUR-L ListServ
CUR members have direct access to each other and use it frequently. Here you can participate in debates about various aspects of undergraduate research, ask and answer questions about how others deal with certain problems, or do anything else you want it to do for you. Click here for directions on how to subscribe to the general CUR List-serv or the Biology List-Serv.

The Biology Division of CUR serves to support research with undergraduates in a variety of ways:

Grant Preview Service
Experienced Division members (volunteers) will read rough drafts or nearly complete research proposals and can provide valuable feedback prior to final submission. For more information please contact the division chair Mike Palladino at mpalladi@monmouth.edu

CUR Biology Program Review Service
The Division has for many years conducted reviews of Biology Departments at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions. For more information please submit a request through the CUR Program Review website

CUR Conference Activities
The Division runs a number of workshops and roundtable discussions of specific interest to Biology faculty at each National Conference. Click here for more information about upcoming meetings.

CUR Posters on the Hill

The Biology Division also participates in Posters on the Hill Should you have any questions, about this program, please contact the Biology Division representative, Christopher Korey or Larry Wimmers.

How To booklets
How to Develop and Administer Institutional Undergraduate Research Programs, 1999, by Toufic Hakim
How To Get A Tenure-Track Position At A Predominantly Undergraduate Institution: Advice from Those in the Science Fields, 2001, Michelle N. Bushey, Deborah E. Lycan, and Patricia E. Videtich
How To Get Started in STEM Research with Undergraduates, 2013, Merle Schuh
How to Mentor Undergraduate Researchers, 2010, Louise Temple, PhD, James Madison University, Thomas Q. Sibley, PhD, St. John’s University, Amy J. Orr, PhD, Linfield College
How to Start an Undergraduate Research Journal, 2012, By D. Alexis Hart
Click here for more information or to order you publications online.

CUR Institutes
CUR currently runs the following institutes that may be of interest to biologists—
  • "Institutionalizing Undergraduate Research"
  • "Proposal Writing"
  • "Beginning a Research Program in the Natural Sciences"
Biologists have been prominently involved in the planning and organization of these three Institutes. To learn more click here.