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CUR Emeritus Presidents

CUR Emeritus Presidents

Ten of CUR's 15 presidents (past, present, and elect) attended the 2003 Annual Business Conference, hosted by Ursinus College. Standing from left to right: John Mateja, Charlotte Otto, Neal Abraham, Stuart Crampton, and Tom Wenzel. Seated from left to right: Michael Nelson, Jill Singer, Mitch Malachowski, and Tim Elgren. Toufic Hakim attended the meeting but was called away prior to this photo op.
Past Presidents who are members in good standing are granted status as a special class of non-elected voting members of the Council called "Emeritus Presidents".  These individuals are listed below.  The full list of past-presidents is found at right.
Jerry Mohrig
Department of Chemistry
Carleton College
Thomas Goodwin
Department of Chemistry
Hendrix College
John Mateja
Director, URSA
Murray State University
Mary Allen
Department of Biological Sciences
Wellesley College
Royce Engstrom
University of Montana
Neal Abraham
Executive Director
Five Colleges, Inc.
Michael Nelson
Independent Scholar
Mitch Malachowski
Department of Chemistry
University of San Diego
Jill Singer
Department of Geosciences
Buffalo State College
Tim Elgren
Department of Chemistry
Hamilton College
Mike Tannenbaum
Hartwick College
Lori Bettison - Varga
Scripps College
Kerry Karukstis
Department of Chemistry
Harvey Mudd College
Jeffrey M. Osborn
Dean, School of Science
The College of New Jersey
Diane Husic
Department of Biological Sciences
Moravian College
Elizabeth L. Paul
VP of Academic Affairs
Stetson University
Bill Campbell
Director, Grants & Research (retired)
University of Wisconsin - River Falls
Mary L. Crowe
Associate Provost of Experiential Education
Florida Southern College
Julio Rivera
Professor of Management and Marketing, Geography and Earth Science
Carthage College


CUR Presidents

Michael Doyle 1979-1983, 1987-1989

Jerry Mohrig 1983-1987
Stuart Crampton 1989-1991
Laura Hoopes 1991-1992
Thomas Goodwin 1992-1993
John Mateja 1993-1994
Mary Allen 1994-1995
Royce Engstrom 1995-1996
Thomas Wenzel 1996-1997
Neal Abraham 1997-1998
Charlotte Otto 1998-1999
David Elmes 1999-2000
Toufic Hakim 2000-2001
Michael Nelson 2001-2002
Mitchell Malachowski 2002-2003
Jill Singer 2003-2004
Tim Elgren, 2004-2005
Mike Tannenbaum, 2005-2006
Lori Bettison-Varga, 2006-2007
Kerry Karukstis, 2007-2008
Jeffrey Osborn, 2008-2009
Diane Husic, 2009-2010
Beth Paul, 2010-2011
Bill Campbell, 2011-2012
Mary Crowe, 2012-2013
Julio Rivera, 2013-2014
Ami Ahern-Rindell, 2014-2015
Roger Rowlett, 2015-2016
Susan Larson, 2016-2017
Anne Boettcher, 2017-2018