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Saturday, June 22, 2013 - Sunday, June 23, 2013

Windows of Opportunity: Undergraduate Research Conference

01:30 PM - 06:00 PM

Registration is Now Open. Click here to register!

This one and a half day conference is aimed at faculty and academic professionals who are interested in the improvement, management, and promotion of undergraduate research. Faculty, undergraduate research program directors, and administrators from across the country will be gathering to share ideas, strategies, and best practices about undergraduate research programs. The conference is sponsored by CUR and will be coordinated by the Undergraduate Research Program Directors (URPD) Division.
The conference format is intended to facilitate discussion, provide resources, and create networking opportunities. Breakout sessions will include panel presentations designed to help participants learn from each other and hear about best practices. Four challenges have been identified as critical to undergraduate research. Presenters are encouraged to develop sessions that further participants’ skills and knowledge in these areas:
• Assessment—This track will include sessions on the role of assessment and evaluation in undergraduate research program development and institutionalization; methods and models for assessing learning outcomes and program impacts; and workshops on designing specific tools for assessment and evaluation, such as database and tracking systems, surveys, focus groups, interviews, e-portfolios, and mixed methods approaches.
• Broadening Participation in Undergraduate Research—This track will address core cultural, financial, and policy issues that inhibit underrepresented students from participating in research and discourage faculty from engaging in it. This track also seeks programs that discuss underlying issues facing community colleges, technical programs, and research in international settings.
• Marketing, Fundraising, & Public Relations—This track is geared toward developing strategies for marketing, advertising, and increasing awareness of research programs and activities to various constituents (e.g., students, faculty, administrators, strategic institutional partners, and the public) and increasing financial resources for research activities through development activities and partnerships within and beyond institutions (e.g., alumni, partnering offices, community agencies, industry). 
• Curricular Innovations—The most effective way to involve large numbers of students in undergraduate research is to integrate research experiences into the curriculum, intentionally designing courses and assignments that help students learn progressively the skills and ways of thinking needed for scholarly work. This track’s sessions will offer practical models for designing research-intensive assignments, courses, and curricula for a variety of programs and majors and explore best practices for creating innovative, research-rich curricula, whether in one faculty member’s courses or an entire college.
• Undergraduate Research Administration Nuts and Bolts—This track focuses on ways both new and experienced undergraduate research administrators can improve existing research programs. The "Basics Track" seeks to provide examples of innovative administrative practices that maximize effectiveness and efficiency in managing UR programs, while the "Transitions Track" helps others plan for change and share ways you have instituted modifications to an existing undergraduate research program on your campus. Examples include moving from a grass-roots approach to a director model, from a shared to a stand-alone office, or planning for staffing changes.
To view the conference webpage, please click here.
To submit a proposal by December 10, 2012 please click here.

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