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Friday, November 22, 2019

CUR 2020 Biennial Call for Presentations Deadline

12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

CUR invites proposals that address the following themes in any discipline about the conference themes):

  1. Assessment in Undergraduate Research--focusing on all types of assessment in undergraduate research on students, faculty, curriculum and institutions.
    • Abstracts submitted under this theme may address but are not limited to sub-themes such as:
      • Assessment best practices and new ideas to demonstrate the impact of undergraduate research
      • Monitoring and assessing undergraduate research programs’ impacts on students, faculty, curriculum, institutions and communities.
      • Using assessment data (formative and summative) to improve institutional programs or measure the effects of undergraduate research.
      • Explaining how researchers have determined and communicated students’ learning outcomes, both academic and non-academic.
      • Articulating the economic, social, and cultural return on investments in undergraduate research, and/or navigating through high-stakes transformations of curricula and/or departments focused on high-impact learning experiences.
  2. Diversity and Inclusion in Undergraduate Research – focusing on offering undergraduate research to a wider audience of undergraduates, faculty, and institutions to increase the diversity of participants, particularly from underrepresented groups and institutions.
    • Abstracts submitted under this theme may address but are not limited to sub-themes such as:
      • Strategies for broadening participation in undergraduate research
      • Building inter-institutional partnerships (e.g. between 2- and 4-year institutions) to promote additional research opportunities for faculty and students.
      • Collaborating with underrepresented and/or marginalized groups in undergraduate research projects that address community-based issues.
      • Demonstrating effective practices for providing access to students and researchers from under-represented groups (low-income, first-generation, minorities etc.).
      • Developing and/or collaborating with programs that serve special education populations.
  3. Integrating and Building Undergraduate Research into Curriculum and Coursework --focusing on building curriculum that is both research-based and supports undergraduate research as an outcome of curriculum
    • Abstracts submitted under this theme may also address but are not limited to sub-themes such as:
      • Connecting undergraduate research and the curriculum
      • Linking undergraduate research and long- or short-term study abroad experiences.
      • Utilizing undergraduate research as a mechanism to improve retention and degree completion.
  4. New Models and Settings for Undergraduate Research -- focusing on expanding undergraduate research opportunities between higher education institutions, including community colleges and international institutions and beyond academic institutions to research collaborations with business and non-profit organizations.
  • Abstracts submitted under this theme may address but are not limited to topics such as:
    • Expanding undergraduate research opportunities beyond academic institutions to community organizations (e.g. business and non-profit).
    • Introducing new models for mentoring that serve course-integrated undergraduate research opportunities.
    • Collaborating with discipline-specific professional organizations for the advancement of undergraduate research.
    • Examining rapidly evolving innovations e.g. digital technology, new literacies, etc.
    • Expanding the opportunities for research exchanges, research collaboration, and field research in international settings.
    • Applying undergraduate research in service of displaced peoples, migrant populations, prison populations.
  1. Other
  • Abstracts submitted under this theme may address but are not limited to sub-themes such as:
    • Collaborating Across Departmental, Institutional, and Organizational Lines
    • Emergent models and new directions for undergraduate research.
    • Avenues and resources to expand the continuing investment in undergraduate research.
    • Integration of undergraduate research with other high-impact learning experiences.
    • Areas not covered by any of the themes above.

All submissions will be peer-reviewed. The deadline to submit is November 22, 2019.

Acceptance of sessions will be sent by the end of January 2018.

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