Advancing Undergraduate Research: Marketing, Communications, and Fundraising Webinar

This webinar is led by an undergraduate research program director and a director of marketing and public relations of the Research Office at Utah State University. Participants will learn how to draft a marketing plan and develop strategies built on that plan to ensure that students have information about and access to undergraduate research opportunities. Colleges and universities increasingly view undergraduate research as a leading marketing tool for recruiting and retaining students. Higher education literature confirms that students who engage in research, scholarship, and creative activity receive numerous benefits. As George Kuh (2009) notes, undergraduate research is one of a few high-impact educational practices that has been widely tested and shown to be beneficial to students of many different backgrounds. Undergraduate research, in fact, has been called the "pedagogy of the 21st century." Advancing Undergraduate Research: Marketing, Communications, and Fundraising seeks to capitalize on this important education movement and provide practical advice about strategic communications and fundraising. Taglines for UR programs note that students "discover themselves" while also making discoveries that have impact on their disciplines. Development officers find that undergraduate activities are intrinsically interesting to donors who see first-hand results from students who have "gotten their hands dirty" in applying their classroom knowledge in the lab, field, archives, or studio. About the presenters: Dr. Joyce Kinkead is Associate Vice President for Research and Professor of English at Utah State University, where she oversees the undergraduate research program. Anna Brunson McEntire is Public Relations and Marketing Specialist for the Research Office at Utah State University. She has a master’s in corporate communication and has produced award-winning publications that focus on research.


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Marketing Plan – A Sample Marketing Plan for Undergraduate Research Programs

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