This resource is a valuable refresher to use to understand the legislative process, gain tips for meeting with legislators, and learn about additional resources.
Download the Advocacy Toolkit by section:
  • Federal Government Contact Information
  • How a Bill Becomes Law
  • How Legislative Committees Work
  • Federal Government Contact Information
  • Budget and Appropriations Process
  • Key Terms
  • Timeline
  • Federal Government Contact Information
  • 115th Congress Committees
  • House Appropriations
  • Senate Appropriations
  • Federal Government Contact Information
  • Meeting with Your Legislator
  • Top 10 Tips for Conducting a Successful Meeting
  • CUR Talking Points
  • Federal Government Contact Information
  • Tips for Writing Your Legislator
  • Calling Your Legislator
  • Thanking Your Legislator
  • Federal Advocacy and Nonprofit Rules
  • Useful Websites
  • Capitol Hill Glossary
  • Commonly Used Acronyms
Download the complete Advocacy Toolkit:
CUR White Paper No. 1 (2019)
Joanne D. Altman, Tsu-Ming Chiang, Christian S. Hamann, Huda Makhluf, Virginia Peterson, and Sara E. Orel
Bose Washington Partners and CUR
The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) also has contracted with Bose Washington Partners (BWP) to provide research and services to CUR on education and advocacy.
Bose Washington Partners provides CUR and its members with important action alerts, legislative summaries, event summaries, and the electronic newsletter This Week in Washington. Visit the BWP updates webpage.
Should you have any questions about these services, please contact the CUR National Office.