CUR is able to fulfill its mission because of our volunteers! Are you passionate about undergraduate research? Would you like to get more involved? If so, here are some volunteer opportunities we have available (please note that some positions are time-sensitive):
Scholarship and Practice of Undergraduate Research (SPUR)
  • Want to Review Manuscripts for SPUR? The success of CUR's academic journal Scholarship and Practice of Undergraduate Research (SPUR) lies in the many dedicated individuals who serve in various roles for the journal. Especially crucial are those who review manuscripts for the journal. If you are interested in serving as a SPUR reviewer, please email and indicate areas of expertise (e.g., assessment). Of special interest are those with experience in qualitative/quantitative methods. 
  • Interested in Reviewing Books for SPUR? Please contact SPUR Book Review Editor, Nicholas J. Rowland, and indicate areas of interest for book reviewing. Potential books for review can also be suggested. 
  • Become an Abstract Reviewer NCUR receives and accepts thousands of student abstracts in all academic disciplines every year. We are interested in recruiting reviewers from a range of disciplines. If you are an administrator, faculty member, mentor, postdoctoral scholar, or graduate student, you are eligible to review student abstracts. Deadline to volunteer is November 10, 2022.
  • Become a Discipline Cohort Facilitator NCUR is seeking volunteers to serve as disciplinary cohort facilitators during. Faculty, administrators, mentors/advisors, post-doctoral scholars, and graduate students are eligible to serve in this capacity.  Notifications will be sent out when this opportunity opens. 
CUR Conversations
  • CUR Conversations are informal, intimate discussions based on hot topics that our members have requested. We are always looking for volunteer facilitators to contribute their time for a one-hour chat on a topic that they feel is close to their wheel-house. If interested in facilitating a conversation, please email

Five In Five Video or Blog Submission

  • Video or Blog Submission Contribute to our 'Five in Five' series. 'Five in Five' was set up to bring answers, make connections, and support the community. We take five questions or tips and put them into a five-minute clip for our community to listen to and learn from. Have you converted an in-person event to a virtual event? How did you do it? Have you written a book? Let us hear the teaser. Have you mentored and have advice? Sum it up in 5 steps. Have other great resources or things you feel the community would like to hear about? Let's connect. Email the CUR Membership Team.

Undergraduate Research Highlights

  • Spotlight a Student or your Institution Send in your research stories that highlight student projects and presentations, curricula changes that integrate undergraduate research, innovations in institutional culture that support undergraduate research, and other related pieces regarding undergraduate research.  Let us celebrate you. Find out more>>‚Äč

Social Media

  • Share, Like, Comment, Follow CUR can be found on many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter (@CURinAction), and LinkedIn. Although a small task of sharing, commenting on a post, or following one or all accounts doesn't seem like a huge lift, the added presence of our social media profiles allows CUR to grow the awareness of our mission and vision beyond our existing undergraduate research community. 

CUR President's Quarterly

  • Ask the CUR President a Question The CUR President's Quarterly is a new addition to the communication and transparency between the executive board and the community. This newsletter with recorded president interview, is released quarterly. We encourage the community to submit questions via email to Please note that not all questions will be included in the interviews.

CUR Governance

  • Each fall, the nominations committee solicits self-nominations from the general CUR members for positions as Divisional Councilors and Executive Board members. If interested in learning more about this timeline, please check out the CUR Governance elections page.
  • CUR Committee and Task Force Leaders CUR's Committees come together to aid in the work of the CUR General Council and support the overall mission of the organization by carrying out specific charges that are necessary to the operation of the organization. Committee membership is a great way for CUR members to share their passion and expertise, build professional networks, gain leadership experience, and help shape the organization. You must be an elected councilor or hold a position on the executive board in order to join a CUR Committee. For additional information, please check out the committees page
  • Award Nominations Review Panel Each of CUR’s awards are reviewed by a panel of reviewers, often in a multi-stage process. Typically these panels consist of a combination of award committee members, CUR Councilors, and subject-matter experts. To express interest in serving on a committee or as a reviewer, please contact your division chair.
Have questions or need more information about volunteer opportunities? Contact