Undergraduate Research Abroad: Shared Themes in Student Learning from Two Models of Course-Embedded Undergraduate Research in Field Biology Study Abroad Courses

Keywords: biology study abroad international undergraduate research Latin America course-based undergraduate research experiences CUREs

Author: Jennifer A. Hamel, Hannah M. ter Hofstede, Adrienne Gauthier, David Lopatto, Prudence Merton, David Vandermast
Institution: Dartmouth College, Elon University, Grinnell College
Issue and Volume: SPUR fall 2021, volume 5, no. 1

Description: The authors present student self-reported learning gains from two undergraduate courses that embed research within study abroad courses. Students in one course worked in small groups on original research projects; students in the second course collectively contributed to one ongoing, professional research project. Differences in student learning between courses raise questions about the relationship of course structures to high-impact practices.