Promoting Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Humanities Research: A Case for the Continuous Course Lab (EPub)

Keywords: humanities interdisciplinary undergraduate research

Author: Halcyon M. Lawrence, Sarah Lozier-Laiola, Alexis Scott, Brian Larson
Institution: Towson University, Coastal Carolina University, Georgia Tech, Texas A&M University
Issue and Volume: SPUR summer 2020, vol 3, no 4

Description: EPub version. The continuous course lab (CCL) is an alternative model for conducting undergraduate research in the humanities. CCL segments large-scale research projects into smaller-scale projects that run over a series of semesters. The CCL model is unique in that it provides majors from outside the humanities with exposure to humanities research questions, methods, and communities of practice. A case study illustrates the model in a technical communication class over 7 semesters.