Preservice Teachers on Their Way to Becoming Reflective Practitioners: The Relevance of Freedom of Choice in Research-Based Learning

Keywords: reflective practice research-based learning self-determination teacher education undergraduate research Germany

Author: Franziska Nikolov, Constanze Saunders, Heike Schaumburg
Institution: Humboldt University of Berlin, Friedrich-Schiller-Universit├Ąt Jena
Issue and Volume: SPUR summer 2020, vol 3, no 4

Description: Undergraduate students (N = 1133) were surveyed regarding their beliefs about a reflective teaching practice at the beginning and the end of their research course, as well as the nature of freedom of choice within their project work. Multiple regression analysis showed that freedom for students in choosing the research instrument was positively associated with their beliefs about the benefits of
conducting research for their teaching practice.