Win18 SPUR--The Challenges of Going Global with Undergraduate Research: The Matariki Undergraduate Research Network

Keywords: international education networks international undergraduate research collaboration education research

Author: Rachel Spronken-Smith, Sally Sandover, Lee Partridge, Andy Leger, Tony Fawcett, Liz Burd
Institution: University of Otago, Curtin University, University of Western Australia, Queen's University Canada, Durham University, Newcastle University
Issue and Volume: SPUR winter 2018, vol 2, no 2

Description: To determine the logistics, benefits, and challenges of developing and implementing an international undergraduate research network, the authors analyzed the Matariki Undergraduate Research Network (MURN). MURN attempted to connect undergraduates from four countries across two years, with 21 and 23 students respectively. Using mixed methods, the authors
explored faculty and student experiences of MURN. Although MURN worked well at the local level, it had limited success at a global level.