Abstract-Sum17 CUR Quarterly Vignette: Ensuring the Safety and Success of Dual-Enrolled Students Involved in Undergraduate Research through a University-High School Partnership

Keywords: K-16 partnerships dual enrollment undergraduate research

Author: Tricia L. Meredith; Donna Chamely-Wiik
Institution: Florida Atlantic University
Issue and Volume: Summer 2017; Volume 37; Number 4

Description: FAU High School (FAUHS) is located on Florida Atlantic University’s campus. FAUHS students complete 9th grade at the high school followed by full-time dual enrollment at FAU from 10th grade forward. FAUHS graduates typically earn 3 years of college credit, and some earn their bachelor’s degree prior to their high school diploma. This “blurring of the boundaries” between high school and college is becoming increasingly prevalent and thus is relevant to the future landscape of higher education.