Strategies for Widening Student Engagement with Undergraduate Research Journals

Keywords: International; United Kingdom; Journal; Case-Study;

Author: Helen Walkington; Andrew Edwards-Jones; Karen Gresty
Institution: Oxford Brookes University; Plymouth University; Higher Education Academy;; United Kingdom
Issue and Volume: Fall 2013, Volume 34, Issue 1

Description: Indonesia’s education ministry released a policy statement
in August 2012 that immediately made research publication
a graduation requirement for all undergraduate, graduate,
and post-graduate students (Rochmyaningsih 2012; Abbas
2012). Indonesia is now turning to electronic journals to
provide a forum for this increased volume of published
work. While this politically motivated policy is designed to
ensure that Indonesia can compete with neighboring countries,
it begs an important question: Should research publication
be required for all students and can this mandate really
include all undergraduates?