Students Collaborate to Advance Science: The International Situations Project

Keywords: Pacific Luthern University University of California-Riverside Irvine Valley UCR student collaborate advance science international situation project Psi Beta benefit instructor contributing future implementation faculty sponsor IRB approval model CURQ Web

Author: Jon Grahe; Esther Guillaume; Jerry Rudmann
Institution: Pacific Luthern University; University of California-Riverside; Irvine Valley College
Issue and Volume: Winter 2013; Volume 34; Number 2

Description: Engaging students in research experiences is considered to
be a “high impact” teaching practice by the Association
of American Colleges and Universities (Brownell and
Swaner 2010). It also represents Learning Goal 2 in the
American Psychological Association (APA) Guidelines for the
Undergraduate Major, which state, “Students will understand
and apply basic research methods in psychology, including
research design, data analysis, and interpretation” (APA
2007, 13). Student involvement in research