Council Representative Nominations - Fall 2020


The Council on Undergraduate Research seeks nominees for Council Representative to serve on the Executive Board. The Executive Board meets monthly through webinars and teleconferences, in-person twice annually, and also engages regularly via virtual means between meetings.  The Executive Board has fiduciary responsibility for CUR, and sets and implements strategic directions to advance the organization. 

All nominees must be CUR Councilors and members in good standing at the time of their nomination and, if elected, must remain a Councilor and member throughout their term. Council Representatives will be elected from divisions without a continuing Council Representative in a given year. This year, the nominees must be from one of the following eligible divisions: At-Large, Chemistry, Geosciences, Physics & Astronomy, Psychology, Social Sciences, and Undergraduate Research Programs.

Nominations are due November 15, 2020.


  • The nominations submission is a self-nomination.  If you would like to recommend individuals to be considered, please refer them to this page or send their contact information to Karen Lee, chair of the Nominations Vetting Committee.
  • Ensure your membership is current. The membership requirement can be either through a paid individual membership or as a representative on an institutional or enhanced membership. 
  • Review your membership profile for accuracy and completion.
  • Submit the biographical information via the online form. This information will appear on the ballot. You may save your submission and come back at any time. Partial submissions will not be reviewed.  Please be sure to submit your nomination by 11:59pm EST, November 15, 2020.


Vetting and Election Process:

  • The Nominations Vetting Committee will vet all nominees and submit recommendations for candidates to appear on the ballot to the Nominations Committee by January 19, 2021.  Nominees will be notified of their status as candidates at this time.
  • Accepted nominations will appear on a ballot that will be sent to the General Council in February 2021. Ballots must be cast by March 9, 2021. 
  • All candidates will be notified of their election status in mid-March.


Candidates for Council Representative must be a current Councilor and familiar with CUR’s Strategic Plan. Nominees must be from one of the following divisions: At-Large, Chemistry, Geosciences, Physics & Astronomy, Psychology, Social Sciences and Undergraduate Research Programs. Council Representatives represent the Council as a whole and serve on the Executive Board of CUR.  In addition to experience with CUR, prior leadership experience is a plus (note: this can be in such areas as leadership on campus through governance; fund-raising, including grant writing and management; and service in other professional societies and/or nonprofit organizations). In addition to attending the Annual Business Meeting each June, all Board members are expected to attend Executive Board meetings just prior to the June business meeting and once in mid-winter, and to participate in monthly conference calls and other virtual communications throughout the year.  Council Representatives must remain Divisional Councilors throughout their Executive Board term. The candidates may NOT be members of the Nominations Committee or the Nominations Vetting Committee.

Application materials include the following:

  1. An abbreviated 2-page CV that highlights professional accomplishments with respect to undergraduate research;
  2. A description of your leadership experience both within CUR and extramural (1 page)
  3. Describe how you will represent CUR-wide interests and advance CUR’s Strategic Plan (1 page)

Submit a Self-Nomination


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