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Scheduling and Sessions

Can I request a specific presentation date and time?

Please Note: The NCUR 2018 Host Committee is not able to accommodate requests for specific presentation dates or times. We do encourage participants to attend all three days of the conference as it is an excellent opportunity to see, hear, and support fellow researchers and their presentations. Also, there are a number of special events planned throughout the three days. We hope you’ll want to participate and enjoy these added experiences.

  • When registering for the conference, please understand that your presentation may be scheduled for any date and time between 11:00am on Thursday, April 5, 2018 and 11:00am on Saturday, April 7, 2018.

Will there be any kind of child care services available while at the conference?

No. We cannot provide these services to NCUR participants.

What are the mentor's responsibilities? Do they need to apply, as well? Are they required to pay a fee even if they aren't going with the applicant? My mentor is unfamiliar with NCUR, so I would like to know as much as possible so I may prepare her.

The mentor does not need to go to NCUR with the student. However, if the mentor attends NCUR, then he or she will need to register for the conference.  

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NCUR Account Creation/Log In

I'm not receiving e-mails from NCUR 2018. What should I do?

Please add to your contact list to avoid missing important emails from NCUR about your abstract and your submission status! You will be notified by e-mail confirming submission of your abstract, and you will receive notification of your abstract submission status in late January 2018.  If you do not receive either of those notifications, be sure to check your email account's SPAM folder. You can also log back in to the system and check the status of your abstract. Email with questions.

Do co-presenter students use the presenter's PIN number when they register?

Yes, presenters and co-presenters use the same PIN.  Co-presenters are carbon copied on the acceptance email.

How do I receive a Presenter Identification Number (PIN) if I am a co-presenter?

If you are a group or co-presenter, your PIN was emailed to the primary presenter or the person who submitted your abstract, as well as the faculty advisor, upon notification of acceptance.  You should contact that person to obtain your PIN.  Note that there is one PIN per accepted abstract and that PIN applies to all presenters of a given abstract.

May faculty advisors and mentors present with their student advisees at NCUR?

No. NCUR is a presentation opportunity for undergraduate research students only. The only avenue for faculty presentation at NCUR is through the Faculty Administrator Network (FAN) sessions.

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Abstract Submission/Revision/Withdrawal

What is the application process for students who want to apply to NCUR 2018?

A link to the abstract submission page is listed on the side navigation panel for all NCUR 2018 webpages. Abstracts must be submitted by December 5, 2017, but we encourage you to submit early.  Abstracts will be reviewed between December 6, 2017, and January 23, 2018. You will receive notification in late January if your abstract was accepted.

Can I present research at NCUR 2018 that was recently presented at a state or local conference?

You can present material at NCUR 2018 that was presented elsewhere.

I am not sure what to choose for the field of study.  Can you help?

Please read the entire list of fields before choosing the most appropriate for your research.  For example, in addition to general biology, there are six subfields of biology included throughout the list.  If concerns remain, we suggest you discuss the appropriate field with your mentor(s).

Is there a format for abstract submissions? Is there a length restriction?

Yes. There is a 300-word length restriction. Complete instructions and formatting information are provided on the abstract submission page.

Can I attach a table and graph to my abstract?

No.  You should only include text in the abstract. The abstract can summarize the table and graph, but only text can be submitted.

In our abstract there are several references that we have used. We were wondering if you would like a reference page included? If so, will that be counted against us in the word requirement?

You can leave the references out of the abstract to save space. These can be included in the formal poster.

Can I mail or fax in my abstract?

No. All abstracts must be submitted using abstract submission page. If your abstract contains special characters that cannot be typed into the form, you may include a link to a Web version of your abstract.

The research I wish to present was done over the summer at an independent research laboratory and is not one of the institutions listed. How should I submit my abstract?

List the school you are enrolled in as your institution. You should mention the host facility in your abstract and presentation.

My research mentor is an MD/PhD student completing doctoral research. Does this person qualify as my faculty mentor? Or should I list the name of the faculty member who runs the lab I work in?

The faculty member who runs the lab, not a MD/PhD student, should be listed as the mentor.

Is there a completion date requirement for a poster submission? We have a few projects that may be worthy of submission, but they will not be completed until March.

The project does not have to be completed at the time of submission of the abstract.

If my project has not been completed prior to the abstract submission deadline, should I just indicate a phrase such as, "I anticipate that the results will be..."?

These types of phrases are fine.  Just summarize what has been done so far, and what you hope to finish by the time of the conference.

Can I present a paper in a language other than English?

Yes. A presentation can be given in a foreign language when appropriate, but the abstract should be written in English. Please indicate in your abstract the language in which the presentation will be given so attendees will know.

Should I write my abstract for nonscientists or for scientists in my field? In other words, should I assume that the reviewer is familiar with relevant terminology?

Your abstract will be reviewed by faculty with expertise in your field. After your abstract is accepted, however, you might plan your presentation for those audience members who don’t have the depth of knowledge and expertise you have developed throughout your research experience.  Some may attend your presentation because they are genuinely interested in learning about the topic and your research!

A student would like to submit an abstract and also display artwork as part of the visual arts presentation. If all is accepted, would the student have to register twice and pay twice?

No. A student only needs to register once.

Can students submit original creative work for presentation at NCUR 2018? If so, are there special guidelines for these submissions?

Yes. NCUR provides a welcoming forum for presenting original work in creative writing, dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts. Creative Product subject areas listed in the Abstract Submission site are as follows: Dance Performance, Music Performance, Poetry and Creative Writing, Theatre/Drama Performance, and Visual Arts. There are no special guidelines for these submissions and you will be prompted to supplement your abstract submission with slides or other supporting materials. Visual Arts students whose abstracts are accepted will be informed about shipping their work in advance for inclusion in the NCUR 2017-2018 Gallery Exhibition. The traditional formats of poster and oral presentation remain options for presenting creative product.

Can I revise my abstract once it is submitted?

No. Depending on the outcome of the review process, you may be asked to revise after the review. That information will be shared upon abstract decision notification.

I submitted my abstract without consulting my faculty mentor or research coordinator in advance. Can my abstract be withdrawn? Once I have their approval, will I be able to resubmit before the deadline?

You, the student, must submit a formal request for withdrawing your abstract via email to Requests to withdraw abstracts that are made by faculty mentor(s) or a research coordinator will not be honored. You can re-submit an abstract prior to the December 5, 2017, deadline. You are allowed two active abstracts on the abstract submission page.

How selective is NCUR? I would like to know the approximate percent of abstracts accepted in recent years to help demonstrate the high quality of work presented at NCUR to administrators at my university.

Typically 80-90% of the abstracts submitted are accepted each year.

How can I find out which abstracts were accepted for each school?

After the review process is complete, a list of accepted abstracts by school will be available on this website.

Once my abstract is accepted, is there a deadline for withdrawing my abstract prior to the conference?

There is no formal deadline for withdrawing your abstract. If you plan to withdraw, please let us know as soon as you can so we can make adjustments to the print and electronic schedule. Please email with your request to withdraw your abstract.

Are students who attend two-year colleges allowed to present at NCUR 2018?


Can a university submit more than one abstract?

Yes. Most universities send multiple students who each author a poster or give a presentation.

Do faculty members/advisors have to accompany student presenters to the conference?

No. Students usually travel as part of a group from a school. Let us know if you're coming on your own. We can help connect you with another school's group if you wish.

Is a faculty letter of recommendation required to be considered for NCUR?

No. It is assumed that when the faculty mentor’s contact information is provided that they approve of the submission. When the abstract is submitted, the faculty mentor will receive an e-mail indicating the submission.

Should we write our abstract more for nonscientists or for scientists in our field? Should we explain those in our abstract, briefly summarize them, or simply assume the reader knows what they are?

You may assume that your abstract will be reviewed by faculty who have expertise in your field. After your abstract is accepted, however, you might plan your presentation for those audience members who don’t have the depth of knowledge and expertise you have, but they’re at your presentation because they are genuinely interested in learning about the topic and your research!  

The research I wish to present was done over the summer at an independent research laboratory; therefore it is not one of the institutions listed. How should I submit my abstract?

List the school you are enrolled in as your institution.  You can mention the school you did the work at in your abstract.

Can the student present a paper in Spanish from a course on Spanish or Latin American literatures?

Yes, but the abstract should be written in English. Please indicate in your abstract that the talk will be given in Spanish so attendees will know.

I recently presented my research at a state conference, however, I would like to take it to the national level.

You can present the same material at two different conferences.

If the student's project is not completed prior to the abstract submission deadline, should my students just indicate something such as, "I anticipate that the results will be..."? They will indicate this is a project in process.

That is fine, just summarize what has been done so far, and what you hope to finish by the time of the conference.

Hello, I am about to make a submission on a Psychology research project. Besides the 300- word abstract, I have an APA table and a graph. Can those be attached, too? Thanks!

You should only include the abstract.  The abstract can summarize the table and graph, but only text can be submitted.

My faculty mentor is an MD/PhD student completing his doctoral research. Does he still qualify as my faculty mentor? Or should I put down the name of the faculty member who owns the lab I work in?

Put down the faculty member who runs the lab and not a student.

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Eligibility to Submit/Present at NCUR 2018

Would a student graduating in December 2017 be eligible to participate?

Yes, as long as the research was performed while you were an undergraduate.  You may want to check with your university to be sure they can cover your travel costs if you are no longer a student.

Can I submit an abstract if I am no longer a college student?

Yes, if the research was done when you were an undergraduate student.

Are international students eligible to attend this event?

Yes, international students are eligible to attend.

Can a university submit more than one application?

Yes, most universities send multiple students who each author a poster or give a presentation.

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Travel Awards/Funding

Is there a travel award that I can apply to in order to finance all travel/registration/housing costs?

There will be a limited number of travel awards offered through the NCUR 2018 website for participants to attend the conference.  Please visit the Diversity and Inclusion Stipend page additional details. 

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Presentation Format Guidelines

What are the Presentation Format Guidelines?

Please visit the Session Information pages found on this NCUR Website.  Links can be found to the left.

Is there a specific template we should use for the posters at NCUR?

You can use any template you want. It must meet the size requirements posted on the NCUR website. Consult with your school's Research Coordinator and your Faculty Mentor.

Can a student give both an oral and poster presentation?

You can if it is on different data or results.  Typically the same results are not presented twice at the same meeting.

If I am giving an Oral Presentation, is a PowerPoint mandatory? And is it ok if I go under the 15 minutes time allotted before opening it up for questions?

No, you do not have to use PowerPoint.  The 15 minutes is a maximum time; you can certainly take less time.

My research outcome and focus changed from my original abstract and now they are no longer in line. Is it possible to submit a new, updated abstract? My topic hasn't changed, just my treatment and focus on it through my literature analysis.

This happens quite often, so do not worry about it.  It is too late to change the abstract being printed, but you can address the changes in your abstract on your poster.

For a student in the Visual Arts session, can you please clarify just what is expected beyond the artwork itself? Should students prepare a 15-minute oral presentation too? Are visual arts student given a specific time and day presentation slot?

Yes, you will give a 15-minute presentation time slot just like all other presenters. The times will be announced when the schedule is posted.

How will NCUR 2018 manage the acceptance and return of mailed-in artwork?

Please visit the Session Information Webpages found on this NCUR website for guidelines on managing and shipping of mailed-in artwork.  It is strongly suggested that you insure your shipment as neither NCUR nor the University of Central Oklahoma will be responsible for any damages of items sent to and from the NCUR 2018 conference.

For students presenting posters can they mail them in advance rather than trying to take them on a plane? Thank you.

We do not have space to store posters, but you should check to see if you can mail the posters to your hotel.   

What, if any, is the dress code for student presenters?

There is not a dress code, but good advice would be to dress casual and professional.  You do not need to be as formal as wearing a suit and tie or dress.  But sweats or torn jeans would not be appropriate. Also, here is a tip to the wise: Wear sensible shoes.

May parents attend their student's presentation? If so, do they need to register for the conference?

As a general rule, all persons wishing to attend the conference must register and pay for participation. We will make an exception to this rule for parents who wish to attend their student’s presentation.  Parents must check in at registration tables during the registration hours, and can pick up their Visitor Pass at that time.  This pass allows them to attend the one session where their child is presenting.  This pass is not valid for lunches, dinner, speakers or tours, which are limited to paid conference participants.

Will there be any form of poster session judging and/or awards given out to participants who excel in their given session?

No, there will not be awards at NCUR. Having your abstract accepted for presentation is itself an award.

Will there be poster printing available at the conference?

UCO offers a variety of printing services from R.K. Black on campusWide format printing is offered for any size up to 60” wide.  We print on numerous types of media including vinyl, poly and photo material as well as heavy coated paper.  We offer foam board mounting for posters as well. Costs do apply. Get more information and pricing by calling (405) 974-2301. 

R.K. Black Office is located on the 1st floor of the Nigh University Center, Suite 146.  Store hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and Saturday 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.

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Pre-Conference Workshops

Are the Pre-Conference Workshops included in my registration Fee?

Yes, Pre-Conference Workshops are included in your registration fee.  There is no extra registration cost to attend.

Can I attend multiple Pre-Conference Workshop Tracks?

No.  Students may only participate in the Pre-Conference Workshop track that they signed up for at the time of registration.

What time will the Pre-Conference Workshops conclude?

Pre-Conference Workshops will conclude at 7:00 pm.

Do I need to register for the Pre-Conference Workshops?

Yes, you must sign-up to participate in the Pre-Conference Workshops at the time your register.

Will there be shuttle service to and from the hotels during the Pre-Conference Workshops?

Yes, we will provide shuttle service from hotels to the Pre-Conference Workshops.

Will the Pre-Conference Workshops include any meal service?

Yes, the Pre-Conference Workshops will include light refreshments.

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  • All NCUR attendees must register individually.  Abstracts are tied to student registrations.
  • All faculty and staff accompanying students must register individually.
  • Individual registrants can choose to pay either with their own personal credit cards (Visa, MC, or American Express) or select "Invoice My Institution" and provide contact information for the coordinator or other responsible payee.
  • If registrants select the "Invoice My Institution" option, the conference coordinators identified will receive an email invoice listing everyone who registered under their name.  Conference coordinators will have two options to pay as indicated in the invoice; by check sent via USPS or by credit card (Visa, MC, or American Express) via a link to our online secure site.
  • Registration fees include participation in the Pre-Conference Workshops on Wednesday afternoon, April 4th (including light refreshments) and breakfast and lunch all three days (April 5th - 7th) of the conference.  Not included in the registration fees are dinners, incidental expenses, hotel costs, or excursion costs. 
  • Registration fees can be found here.


What are the cancellation policies for the conference?

Full refunds, less a $50 cancellation fee for attendee registration will be honored for all cancellations received, in writing, by March 9, 2018.  No refunds will be given after the cancellation deadline.  Send cancellations to

Transfer of registration to another individual before the cancellation deadline is free of charge, but subject to member classification charges due to differences in conference rates. Transfer of registration after the cancellation deadline will be charged a $50.00 transfer fee.

If you fail to cancel your registration by March 9, 2018, and/or are a no show to the event, you are responsible for payment in full. The National Conference on Undergraduate Research 2018 cancellation fee represents the cost in time, labor, supplies, postage, etc., expended in registering and deregistering an individual. Because the cancellation fee represents work performed by the staff associated with the event, it is the conference's policy to assess the fee in all cases.

Can I mail or fax in the conference registration form?

No. Registration will be processed through our website using an online process only.  Online registration will be available January 23 through March 9, 2018.  Conference registration fees may be paid using credit card, check, or University purchase order.

If I am a co-presenter and someone else has submitted the abstract, do I still need to register for NCUR?

Yes.  All presenters and co-presenters must register for NCUR 2018 in order to attend and present.

If we fail to register before February 22, then are we automatically out of the conference?

There is a late registration period still available online February 23 - March 9, 2018, at a higher cost. You may also register on site at the conference.

How can we notify NCUR if we are unable to come?

If you cannot attend, please contact us as soon as possible at

Is there any requirement that the student, her or his adviser, or the college be a member of CUR in order for the student to present at NCUR?

No, there is not a membership requirement for anyone on the abstract to submit or attend NCUR.

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How Safe is Edmond, Oklahoma?

UCO is located in Edmond, Oklahoma, a community recognized for its safety. CNBC rated it the #1 suburb in America in 2011 (

In 2017, rated UCO the 9th safest college campus in America (

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Lodging and Transportation

Continue to check the hotel reservation site. Additional blocks of rooms at current conference hotels are being added. New hotels are being listed also. Please note: Rooms will open in January and February as universities confirm rooms in their blocks following notice of student acceptance to NCUR 2018.

Transportation will be provided to and from designated hotels.  A more detailed transportation plan will be published as the conference draws closer.

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Dining at the Conference

Are meals provided at the conference?

The conference registration fee includes breakfast and lunch for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Light refreshments will be provided during the Pre-conference Workshops on Wednesday afternoon.

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Typical Weather in Edmond/Oklahoma City Metro in Early April

Typical weather in Edmond and the Oklahoma City Metro for April calls for mild days (65�F to 75�F) and cool evenings (45�F to 50�F).

The month of April in Oklahoma City experiences essentially constant cloud cover, with the percentage of time that the sky is overcast or mostly cloudy remaining about 37% throughout the month (

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Public Safety/Emergency Management at the University of Central Oklahoma

UCO is recognized as a StormReady University:

StormReady National Weather Service:

Campus-Community Emergency Response Team:

National Incident Management System (NIMS) Compliance Certification:

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Religious Accommodations

What arrangements can be provided if I celebrate Passover?

Passover will be March 30-April 6/7, 2018. The conference organizers will aid students who observe Passover. You can request more details by contacting

Where can I attend Shabbat services?

Oklahoma City has three synagogues. You can contact them directly for more information about the services they offer. If you are interested in arranging transportation to the synagogues please contact

Emanuel Synagogue (Conservative)

Temple B’nai Israel (Reform)

Chabad Community Center (Chabad)  

Where can I attend Orthodox Easter services?

Orthodox Easter (Pascha) occurs on April 8th, 2018. Participants wishing to attend Holy Week services may wish to consult the schedules of the following Orthodox Churches in the OKC area. Contact if you need additional assistance.

St. Mary (Ukrainian) in Jones -

St. Benedict (Russian) in Del City -

St. George (Greek) in Oklahoma City -

St. Elijah (Antiochian) in Oklahoma City -

Are there facilities for Muslim prayers?

Yes, Edmond Masjid ( is located on University Drive near the UCO Wellness Center, site of the poster presentations at NCUR 2018. Other helpful resources for visitors are the UCO Muslim Student Association ( and the Islamic Council of Oklahoma (

Other assistance?

The conference organizers can assist students looking to find other religious communities or worship services. You can contact them at

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