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Undergraduate Research Week

On November 16, 2010 the U.S. House of Representatives declared the week of April 11, 2011 as "Undergraduate Research Week". Since that time, each year CUR has designated a week in April as "Undergraduate Research Week".  This year the week of April 15, 2013 is Undergraduate Research Week.

Undergraduate Research Week 2014 will be celebrated during the week of April 14.  Consider planning your celebration days and other special events during this week, and next year be sure to send your event information to Robin Howard at robin@cur.org for inclusion on the event listing website.  You might also write to your local government, such as Governors, County Executives, Mayors, etc to ask them to name this week Undergraduate Research Week for your jurisdiction.

A Message from CUR President Mary Crowe

National Conference on Undergraduate Research

Kicking off Undergraduate Research Week, the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse will host NCUR 2013, April 11-13.  The mission of the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) is to promote undergraduate research scholarship and creative activity done in partnership with faculty or other mentors as a vital component of higher education.  The conference program will include a record number of students presenting their research including: creative presentations in oral, poster/exhibit, and performance sessions scheduled across the UW-La Crosse campus. In addition, there will be presentations by faculty in Faculty Administrator Network (FAN) sessions; a Graduate and Professional School Fair representing programs from across the United States; three plenary/keynote speakers; and social events and excursions.

New Publication and Book Sale

To celebrate Undergraduate Research Week CUR is happy to announce a new publication, How to Get Started in STEM Research with Undergraduates.   This publication is now available for purchase, and other texts are on sale for the month of April.  To purchase publications, please visit the online order form.
Faculty members face unique challenges and issues in doing successful research with undergraduates in STEM fields. How to Get Started in STEM Research with Undergraduates provides a general discussion of these special issues and discusses ways to deal with them.  Examples of such issues include: setting up and managing a research laboratory, designing student research projects, working with administrators, seeking research grants, writing successful grant proposals, integrating research into the classroom, dealing with information management, and making optimal use of the primary literature.   

Spring CUR Quarterly - Student Voices in Undergraduate Research

333Spring13CoverSmThis student-themed issue of the CUR Quarterly provides a glimpse into some of the questions, challenges, and experiences of undergraduate research from those who have experienced it first-hand.
The CUR Quarterly serves as the official public "voice" of CUR to both its members and to a broader community. Its purpose is to provide useful and inspiring information about student-faculty collaborative research and scholarship from all types of institutions. The goal and function is to advance the mission of CUR.
Selected articles from this edition are available online by visiting the CUR Quarterly homepage; members can access the full electronic version.

Campus Events

CUR has created a listing of special events planned around Undergraduate Research Week. Please view the list of events. To submit your event, please send a two or three sentence statement of the event(s), your campus logo, a link to the press release and/or website, and/or a photograph to robin@cur.org.

Posters on the Hill

CapitolThough after the formal Undergraduate Research Week, CUR will host its 17th annual undergraduate poster session on Capitol Hill. This event, held April 23-24 will aim to help members of Congress understand the importance of undergraduate research by encouraging them to talk directly with the students whom these programs impact. It is increasingly important that the undergraduate research community works to ensure that those in the U.S. Congress who provide funding for research and education have a clear understanding of the programs they fund and why these programs are important. Undergraduate research must be among those programs that members of Congress understand if it is to continue to be supported.

Registry of Undergraduate Researchers

The Registry of Undergraduate Researchers is one tool that undergraduate students can use to assist them in their pursuit of a graduate degree. The purpose of this registry is to facilitate matchmaking between undergraduates with research experience and a desire to pursue an advanced degree, and graduate schools seeking high quality students who are well prepared for research. Currently the Registry is open to students and graduate schools/employers in nearly all fields.  For more information please visit the registry homepage.

Resources Pages

One of CUR's greatest strengths is our membership base.  Members are always willing to share resources and ideas.  Please check out our new Resources Pages.  These lists are for all undergraduate research practitioners, be they individual faculty, students, or institutions.  The lists are interactive, so we hope that if you know of an additional resource that is not listed, that you will add it using the submission page link at the bottom of each listing.