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Cancellation Policy

In general the cancellation deadline is thirty days prior to the start of the conference, except where explicitly noted.  Cancellations requests received in writing to the CUR National Office at cur@cur.org prior to the cancellation deadline will receive a full refund less a $50.00 cancellation fee. No refunds will be given after the cancellation deadline. Transfer of registration to another individual before the cancellation deadline is free of charge, but subject to member classification charges due to differences in conference rates. Transfer of registration after the cancellation deadline will be charged a $50.00 transfer fee.

Institutions may not substitute one participant for another without prior approval of the National Office.

CUR always suggests that their registrants purchase low-cost travel insurance when booking their air reservations. Not only will this insurance cover your airfare in the event of cancellation but will also cover the registration cost for the meeting you were to attend.


CUR Dialogues

CUR Dialogues is designed to bring faculty and administrators to Washington, D.C. to interact with federal agency program officers and other grant funders.

Historical CUR Dialogues Information

February 23-25, 2012, Hamilton Crowne Plaza, Washington, DC
Plenary Speakers:
  • Terry W. Hartle, Senior Vice President, Division of Government and Public Affairs, American Council of Education
  • Mark Schneider, Vice President, American Institutes for Research
  • Jeffrey Selingo, Vice President and Editorial Director, The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Jennifer Wyndham, Associate Director, Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights and Law Program American Association for the Advancement of Science
February 24-26, 2011, Hamilton Crowne Plaza, Washington, DC
Plenary Speakers:
  • Tonia Hsieh, Assistant Professor of Biology, Temple University
  • Katrina Bledsoe, Senior Evaluation Researcher, Education Development Center
  • Jeffrey Selingo, Editor, Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Mel Druelinger, Dean, Graduate Studies and Director of Research and Sponsored Programs, Colorado State University - Pueblo
February 25-27, 2010, Hamilton Crowne Plaza, Washington, DC
Plenary Speakers:
  • Tom Dower, Senior Climate Advisor, U.S. Senate Committee on Commmerce, Science and Transportation
  • Scott Jaschik, Editor, Inside Higher Ed.
  • Tom Wenzel, Professor of Chemistry, Bates College
  • Special Presentation: Naturally Obsessed: The Making of a Scientist Documentary by Richard & Carole Rifkind
April 2-5, 2009, Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, Alexandria, Virginia
Plenary Speakers:
  • Moses Lee, Dean of Natural and Applied Sciences, Hope College
  • Carl Strikwerda, Dean of Arts and Sciences, College of William and Mary
  • Panel on Integrating Undergraduate Research into Faculty Workload
    • Jeffrey Osborn, Dean Science of Science, The College of New Jersey
    • Gerardo Gonzalez, Dean of Graduate Studies and Vice President for Research, California State University-San Marcos
    • Susan Lehman, Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of Physics, The College of Wooster
March 8-10, 2007, Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, Alexandria, Virginia
Plenary Speakers:
  • Scott Jaschik, Editor, Inside Higher Ed.
  • Kathie Olsen, Chief Operating Officer, National Science Foundation
  • Special Presentation: The Human Faustus Project, original play developed by students at the Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry at Ball State University
April 17-19, 2005, Sheraton National Hotel, Arlington, Virginia
Plenary Speakers:
  • David J. Goldson, Staff Director, House Committee on Science
  • Julio Ramirez, Professor of Psychology, Davidson College
  • Rosemary Haggett, Director, Division of Undergraduate Education, National Science Foundation
February 23-25, 2003 George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia
Plenary Speakers:
  • Thomas Wenzel, Department of Chemistry, Bates College
  • Art Ellis, Director, Division of Chemistry, Directorate for Mathematical & Physical Sciences, National Science Foundation
  • Panel: Overview of the NSF Proposal REview Process
    • Jill Singer, Program Director (CCLI-A&I. GEO)
    • Duncan McBride, Lead Program Director (PHY/AST)
    • Myles Boylan, Lead Program Director (CCLI-ND, SOC SCI, SBE)
    • Ted Hodapp, Program Director (PHY)
    • Alexander Grushow, Program Director (CCLI-INT, CHEM)
April 15-17, 1999, Hilton Arlington and Towers, Arlington, Virginia
Plenary Speakers:
  • Rita Colwell, Director, National Science Foundation
  • Richard Sclove, The Loka Institute
  • Panel Discussion: Scientific Societies and Undergraduate Research
    • Jay Labov, Director, Division on Postsecondary Policy and Practice, Center for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education, Nationa Research Council
    • Spencer Benson, Associate Professor of Microbiology, University of Maryland and Chair of the Undergraduate Edcuation Committee, American Society for Microbiology
April 11-12, 1997, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Marylang
Plenary Speakers:
  • Alan Ladwig, Associate Administrator for Policy & Planning, NASA
  • Daryl Chubin, Acting Assistant Director fo Social and Behavioral Sciences, Office of Science and Technology Policy
  • Joseph Bordogna, Acting Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer, National Science Foundation
  • Marvin Cassman, Director of National Instiute of General Medical Sciences
March 31-April 1, 1995, National Science Foundation, Arlington, Virginia
Plenary Speakers:
  • Neal Lane, Director, National Science Foundation
  • Wendy Baldwin, Deputy Director of Extramural Research, National Institutes of Health
  • Martha Krebs, Director, Office of Energy Research, Department of Energy
  • Congressman Vernon J. Ehlers
  • Guest Speaker from White House Office of Science Technology Policy
  • Plenary Panel:
    • Geoffrey Grant, NIH Director, Office of Policy for Extramural Research Administration
    • William Lewis, DOE Director, Office of Science Education Programs
    • James O'Donnell, NIH Director, Office of Extramural Programs
    • Luther Williams, NSF Assistant Director, Directorate for Education and Human Resources
April 16-17, 1993, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland
Plenary Speakers:
  • Bernadine Healy, Director, NIH
  • National Science Foundation Plenary Panel:
    • Mary Clutter
    • William Harris
    • Luther Williams
  • National Institutes of Health Plenary Panel:
    • James O'Donnell
    • Donald Luecke
    • Geoffrey Grant
  • Eugene Garfield, Chair and Chief Scientist, Institute of Scienctific Information