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Call for Submissions for the Summer 2016 issue of the CUR Quarterly

Call for Submissions for the Summer 2016 issue of the CUR Quarterly:

“Undergraduate Research Collaborations: Partnering for High(er) Impact”

It takes more than an undergraduate research office or a committed faculty member to support and expand research opportunities for students. Faculty and staff charged to oversee the development of undergraduate research often find that other campus offices or leaders are particularly critical to effectively meeting their goals. In addition, off-campus organizations may also provide additional opportunities, support, and/or funding for student researchers. Over the past decade, undergraduate research has been established as one of a handful of “high impact practices” in higher education, which also include freshman seminars, learning communities, service learning, internships, and capstone experiences. These initiatives have often developed in parallel on campuses, and in some cases have gained momentum and impact by working together. This issue of the CUR Quarterly will explore on- and off-campus partnerships that have been critical to enhancing and diversifying research opportunities for students. In particular, we are seeking articles that demonstrate how units and organizations collaborate to meet shared goals and gain efficiencies. We seek 4 to 5 pieces that demonstrate outcomes from partnerships including their impact on student learning. In addition, we invite shorter vignettes (300 words) that offer succinct, creative suggestions about important aspects of developing or maintaining effective collaborations in support of undergraduate research.

 Examples of topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • How has undergraduate research benefited from collaborations with offices or individuals charged with overseeing other “high impact practices” on your campus? What outcomes emerged from those collaborations, and what did you learn about how to maintain effective partnerships over time?
  • How has an off-campus partnership or collaboration contributed to the success of your campus undergraduate research efforts? What are the outcomes for students? What advice would you give to other campuses seeking to establish off-campus partnerships in service of undergraduate research?
  • What unusual partnership have you developed (on- or off-campus) that has been critical to the success of your campus undergraduate research efforts? How has that partnership benefited the work of both organizations? What are the demonstrated outcomes for students?
  • How have you leveraged the effectiveness of a collaboration centered on undergraduate research to expand into new areas of research, build additional collaborations or supported other high impact practices?

If you are interested in contributing an article or vignette, please submit a short (300-500 words) prospectus describing the focus of your proposed article or vignette online at http://curq.m​submit.net/  by August 18, 2015. Invited authors will be notified by August 28, 2015. Please indicate in your prospectus whether you are interested in producing a full article or a vignette.

Final articles will be 2000 to 3500 words in length.  The final text for review and editing must be submitted by October 13, 2015. All articles undergo peer review.

Please forward the message to anyone who might be interested in submitting an article or vignette.

Please forward this message to anyone who might be interested in submitting an article or vignette. As a reminder, the CUR Quarterly publishes articles in each issue relating to any aspect of undergraduate research, which do not relate to the theme of a given issue. There is no need to submit a prospectus that does not relate to the theme, just submit a full manuscript through our online submission system at any time.

Deadlines -August 18, 2015   Short (300-500 words) prospectus of proposed article or vignette submitted online.

-October 13, 2015   Final text for review and editing deadline

James T. LaPlant Janice DeCosmo
Editor-in-Chief Issue Editor
CUR Quarterly CUR Quarterly

-All abstract/article submissions must go through our content management software:     

-To start the process visit: http://curq.msubmit.net/cgi-bin/main.plex 

- For first time users please click the link “ register for an account” 

(Please note your www.cur.org login information will not work on this page)

- After registering for an account, login -Click the link “Submit Manuscript”  

Select the Prospectus button. The software will walk you through the remainder of the process.


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