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Call for Contributions to July 2012 URPD News Briefs

The second URPD bi-annual newsletter will be distributed in July 2012. This will provide an effective and efficient way to share information with all URPD members and CUR colleagues. Please help us collect information for our second newsletter. We are looking for specific information to include in three of the newsletter sections:  

1) Membership Updates and Accomplishment. Have you or a URPD colleague been promoted or changed positions/institutions? Have you received significant external funding for an undergraduate research initiative OR published results from one of your UR programs? Individual and institution successes are good for the entire division – please share your news.  

2) Upcoming Events and Meetings - Is there a regional, national, or international meeting/event that would be of interest to the division? Please send us the registration deadline, event date, and link to meeting or conference URL.  

3) Spotlight! Does your state run a statewide undergraduate research conference? If so, please send us details about this event include what year it started, when it runs, websites, etc.

Please email Kimberly Schneider at the University of Central Florida with your responses to the items above for the second newsletter, KRS@ucf.edu. Items need to be received by June 4 to be reviewed for inclusion in the July URPD News Briefs. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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