Be a Volunteer Leader in CUR - Fall 2019 Nominations


CUR is able to fulfill its mission because of our volunteers! Are you passionate about undergraduate research? Would you like to get more involved? If so, here are the leadership opportunities we have available for our members. 

The deadline for self-nominations for all positions is November 15, 2019.

CUR Councilor

IMG_0436To nominate yourself for Councilor, you must have an active CUR membership, have a demonstrated commitment to CUR’s goals, and have the time and interest to serve the larger CUR community. Although most successful nominees for Councilor have been members for a minimum of three years, those new to the organization are also encouraged to run. CUR desires ballots that include a diverse group of nominees across institutional affiliation, area of specialization, and geographic location, especially encouraging women and minorities to nominate themselves.  Find out more about the nomination process for CUR Councilor


Council Representative - Executive Board

BillCampbellCyDeVriesTo nominate yourself for Council Representative, you must be a current Councilor with an active CUR membership.  The typical nominee has completed at least one term as Councilor, has had prior leadership experience (either within CUR or on your own campus), and can demonstrate active participation in Council business.  Find out more about the nomination process for Council Representative.


President-Elect - Executive Board

CrawfordDeCosmoBoettcherTo nominate yourself for President-Elect, you must have completed at least one 3-year term as CUR Councilor and have an active CUR membership.  You should have prior service as division chair, as an officer on the Executive Board, or as another leadership role within CUR that has provided a broad perspective on the organization. You should be very familiar with current Council business, and be familiar with and prepared to provide leadership on CUR's strategic plan, strategic pillars, and fund-raising. Find out more about the nomination process for President-Elect.


Future Opportunities:

General Representative - Executive Board

Each year, at least one general representative is elected by the Executive Board to a three-year term. Any CUR member may nominate an individual to be considered. The next call will open by December 2019.

Nominations Vetting Committee

Each year, at least one member of the Nominations Vetting Committee (NVC) is elected by members of the General Council. Nominees must be current CUR Councilors and remain so during their entire three-year term. Divisions without a continuing member may select one individual to stand for election each year. The next election will be held in September 2020, with nominations due in August 2020.

Treasurer - Executive Board

A treasurer is elected every three years by members of the General Council to a three-year term. The next election will be in 2021, with nominations due in November 2020.


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