Learning Through Research



  • First Directory on Undergraduate Research in Chemistry at Undergraduate Institutions (Private Liberal Arts Colleges).


  • First Meeting of the Council on Undergraduate Research. Michael Doyle elected president, Jerry Mohrig elected secretary, Brian Andreen elected Executive Secretary.


  • First CUR Newsletter.
  • CUR adopts first Constitution and By-Laws.


  • Council on Undergraduate Research is incorporated.
  • Council on Undergraduate Research receives tax exemption status.
  • NSF Undergraduate Research Program (URP) terminated.


  • CUR submits proposal for RUI to the National Science Board.


  • First Councilors admitted from public institutions.
  • Spring Hill Conference
  • NSF-RUI Program introduced.


  • Physics/Astronomy and Biology (CRAB) Councils are added to CUR.


  • CUR's First National Conference on Undergraduate Research (Colgate University).
  • NIH's AREA Program introduced.
  • NSF-College Science Instrumentation Program (CSIP) introduced (precursor to NSF-ILI Program).
  • American Chemical Society Award for Research at an Undergraduate Institution instituted with funding from Research Corporation.


  • Geology Council is added to CUR.
  • American Physical Society Award for Research at an Undergraduate Institution instituted with funding from Research Corporation.


  • First National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) for students at Asheville, NC, cosponsored by CUR.
  • NSF-Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program introduced.
  • NSF-Instrumentation for Laboratory Improvement (ILI) Program introduced.


  • CUR Consulting Service introduced with support from Research Corporation.


  • Mathematical and Computer Sciences Council is added to CUR.
  • CUR opens itself up to individual membership.
  • First colleges and universities respond to the invitations to be CUR Sponsors to facilitate the establishment of CUR's National Office.
  • CUR Newsletter expands to four issues per year.


  • First summer fellowships awarded through CUR (AIURP) from grants from corporations and corporate foundations.
  • At-Large Council is added to CUR
  • CUR Individual Membership reaches 1,000.
  • Major Grants received from Pew Charitable Trusts and Research Corporation to establish CUR's National Office.


  • CUR National Office is opened at University of North Carolina at Asheville.
  • CURLS (CUR's Listserv) is introduced.
  • John Stevens is appointed first National Executive Officer.


  • CUR Notes is introduced.
  • National Information Center on Undergraduate Research (NICUR) is formed as a branch of CUR for data acquisition and production of directories with major sponsorship of the Merck Foundation and the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation.
  • First CURSOR Summer Undergraduate Fellowships awarded with private foundation sponsorship.


  • First April Dialogue (held at the National Institutes of Health).
  • Institutional membership for colleges and universities is introduced.
  • Psychology Division is added to CUR.
  • CUR Newsletter becomes the CUR Quarterly.
  • Speaker's Bureau introduced.
  • CUR Individual Membership reaches 2,000.


  • Institutional Liaisons established.
  • First SURE summer fellowships awarded in biology with NSF-REU funds awarded to CUR.


  • Initial Group of CUR Representatives (representatives at graduate institutions) established.
  • CUR website is initiated.
  • CUR Individual Membership reaches 3,000.
  • CUR Institutional Memberships reaches 100.


  • First CUR Institute on How to Institutionalize Research.
  • CUR Institutional Membership reaches 200.
  • Formation of Science Policy Grassroots Network.
  • CUR publishes "How to Get Started in Research" with support of Research Corporation.


  • First CUR Undergraduate Research Capitol Hill Poster Session.
  • Engineering Division is added to CUR.
  • Receipt of NSF Course and Curriculum Development Grant in the Biological Sciences "Research Link 2000".
  • Receipt of NSF grant from Materials Sciences Division to promote linkages between PUI faculty members and PI's of NSF grants in Materials Sciences.
  • K. Elaine Hoagland appointed CUR's second National Executive Officer.
  • CUR Archives established at UNCA.
  • CUR National Office moves to Washington, DC.
  • Comprehensive external review of CUR funded by a grant from Research Corporation.


  • NSF Undergraduate Education Division (DUE) Division modifies its ILI, CCD, and UFEP programs into CCLI.
  • First Vital Faculty Institute.
  • CUR celebrates its twentieth anniversary and honors its founder Brian Andreen.
  • CUR establishes a permanent endowment for undergraduate research fellowships (Brian Andreen Undergraduate Research Scholars) in honor of its founder Brian Andreen.


  • Council votes to explore expansion of CUR to all fields covered by NSF.


  • CUR Proposes an NSF AIRE program for Comprehensive Universities.
  • First CUR Fellow Awards bestowed on Mary Allen and Julio Ramirez.
  • First CUR Institute on Proposal Writing.
  • New "How to" booklet published, entitled How to Develop and Administer Institutional Undergraduate Research Programs.


  • CUR Social Sciences Division formed.
  • CUR Affinity Groups initiated.
  • New Mission Statement approved, widening CUR’s purview to include all academic institutions and all academic fields.
  • Online Peer Reviewers' Registry begun.
  • Undergraduate Researchers' Grad Schools Registry begun.
  • "How to" booklet published: How to Get a Tenure-Track Position at a Predominantly Undergraduate Institution.


  • Undergraduate Researchers' Registry fully operational, yielding income for summer fellowships program.
  • New Values Statement approved, re-emphasizing core focus on PUIs.
  • First CUR-led faculty retreat on a PUI campus.
  • New feature developed for CUR Quarterly: "Undergraduate Research Highlights".
  • First CUR symposium and new web page on Research Ethics.
  • "How To" Booklet published: "How to Mentor Undergraduates".


  • Strategic Plan adopted
  • Institutional membership reaches 387
  • CUR reaches out to Canada
  • CUR establishes a task force on diversity
  • Presidents Emeritus added to Council
  • 25th Anniversary celebrated
  • Reinvigorating Undergraduate Research: Successful Models Supported by NSF’s AIRE/RAIRE Programs is published
  • Dr. K. Elaine Hoagland retires as National Executive Officer
  • Dr. Nancy H. Hensel becomes third Executive Officer
  • CUR holds first Mentorship, Collaboration and Undergraduate Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities Institute at Bridgewater State College in Bridgewater, Massachusetts
  • CUR Undergraduate Research Program Director's Division formed.
  • New Website and Quarterly design.


  • CUR holds first Initiating Undergraduate Research Institute at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Institutional Membership reaches 440.
  • CUR receives NSF-ATE Grant
  • CUR receives NSF-CCLI Grant
  • CUR conducts a self study and external review
  • CUR chosen for Carnegie Academy of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Program


  • CUR Introduces University System memberships
  • The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education is the first system member with 14 institutions
  • CUR revises governance structure at 2007 business meeting
  • CUR offers five regional workshops through the NSF/CCLI grant
  • CUR releases its first full-length book, Developing and Sustaining a Research-Supportive Curriculum a Compendium of Successful Practices at the National Press Club
  • CUR holds a Congressional Breifing with the American Chemical Society, Undergraduate Research: What it Means for U.S. Competitiveness


  • CUR holds first institute for early career faculty, Beginning a Reseach Program in the Natural Sciences at a Predominantly Undergraduate Institution at Davidson College
  • Institutional membership reaches 576
  • CUR holds first international institute at Malaspina University-College at Nanaimo, British Columbia
  • CUR adds Arts and Humanities Division.
  • CUR increases advocacy efforts by hiring Washington Partners
  • CUR adopts policy for international members
  • CUR and NCUR meet to discuss increased collaborative efforts


  • CUR introduces enhanced institutional membership
  • CUR published Broadening Participation in Undergraduate Research: Fostering Excellence and Enhancing the Impact
  • CUR and NCUR vote to unify the two organizations
  • CUR receives NSF CCLI Phase II grant
  • CUR receives NSF CCLI Phase III grant

Revised: September 21, 2009