CUR Math/CS Division Selects 2020 Faculty Mentor Awardees

ChellamuthuNeilanOtto_Carolyn(from left: Chellamuthu, Neilan, Otto)

The CUR Mathematics and Computer Sciences Division has announced the recipients of its 2020 Faculty Mentor Award, which recognizes outstanding mentoring of undergraduate researchers:

Early career: Vinodh Kumar Chellamuthu (Dixie State University)
Mid-career: Rachael Miller Neilan (Duquesne University); Carolyn Otto (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire)

Dr. Chellamuthu is assistant professor in the Mathematics Department at Dixie State University. He received his BS in mathematics from University of Madras, his MS in mathematics from Anna University, his MS in applied mathematics from Tulane University, and his PhD in mathematics from University of Louisiana at Lafayette. His main research interest is in mathematical modeling. His work with undergraduates has led to more than 50 conference presentations by students.

Dr. Neilan is associate professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Duquesne University. She earned her BS in mathematics from Drexel University, and her MS in applied mathematics and PhD in mathematics from the University of Tennessee. She has research interests in agent-based modeling and optimal control theory with applications in neuroscience, ecology, epidemiology, business, and oceanography. Dr. Neilan has coauthored several articles with students.

Dr. Otto is associate professor in the Department of Mathematics at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. She earned her bachelor's degree in mathematics from UW-Eau Claire and her master’s and PhD degrees in mathematics from Rice University. Her main research interest is in knot theory. Dr. Otto's mentees include more than 50 students in 36 research projects.


The Council on Undergraduate Research supports faculty development for high-quality undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research and scholarship. More than 700 institutions and more than 10,000 individuals belong to CUR. CUR believes that the best way to capture student interest and create enthusiasm for a discipline is through research in close collaboration with faculty members.


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