Call for Submissions, Summer 2017 CUR Quarterly

Issue Theme: "Undergraduate Research and Higher Education of the Future"
Editor-in-Chief: James LaPlant
Issue Editor: Janice DeCosmo

Over the past few decades, undergraduate research has moved from an elective activity that engaged a handful of faculty members and students to a central part of the undergraduate experience at many colleges and universities. The Summer 2017 CUR Quarterly will examine how undergraduate research impacts the landscape of higher education of the future. How does current practice prepare students to be the faculty members of the future? How does the centrality of inquiry-based learning affect the notion of disciplinarity? How does undergraduate research evolve to include a focus on innovation and impact---i.e., turning research findings into applications that change lives?

Four to five articles of 2000–3500 words each are sought that examine some aspect of how undergraduate research is changing higher education. In addition, vignettes of 300 words are invited that offer succinct, creative approaches to the theme.

Topics of interest include the following:

  • How does the practice of undergraduate research help to prepare the faculty members of the future?
  • How does undergraduate research, in particular, support diversifying the academy to reflect the nation’s changing demographics?  How does undergraduate research help to inspire and support a more diverse population to seek careers in academe? What approaches to this work show the most promise?
  • How can a research-embedded curriculum help to foster diversity, and diverse perspectives, on campus?
  • What approaches do faculty members and undergraduate research programs employ to prepare undergraduate researchers to work in the new “innovation economy”? What do developing research and creative skills have to do with “design thinking” and innovation?
  • How do undergraduate research experiences prepare students to solve problems that cross disciplinary boundaries? What are models of inquiry-based learning that effectively engage interdisciplinary approaches?
  • How does the development of interdisciplinary research programs affect academic programs-—majors, minors, and coursework?
  • How have faculty members leveraged the effectiveness of a collaboration centered on undergraduate research to expand into new areas of interdisciplinary research or applications?

Submission Details. Submit a 300- to 500-word prospectus by August 5, 2016, describing the focus of the proposed article or vignette. Please indicate in the prospectus whether the proposed piece is an article or a vignette. Invited authors will be notified by August 29, 2016. Final papers will be due by October 10, 2016.

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