CUR Social Sciences Division Selects 2020 Recipient, Excellence in Mentoring UR in the Social Sciences Award

Walton1CUR's Social Sciences Division has selected Marsha Walton (professor of psychology, Rhodes College) as the 2020 recipient of its Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduate Research in the Social Sciences Award. Dr. Walton earned her BA in psychology with honors and her PhD in developmental psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her research interests focus on the moral and social development of children. She has mentored more than 50 undergraduate researchers and coauthored more than 12 publications with students, and her mentees have presented their work at numerous conferences.

The award honors outstanding mentors of undergraduate research in the social sciences for their role in supporting, encouraging, and promoting a positive and inclusive scholarly and teaching environment, and for contributions to professional and personal development of undergraduates within or outside their research or degree programs. Awardees receive a $100 stipend.


The Council on Undergraduate Research supports faculty development for high-quality undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research and scholarship. More than 700 institutions and more than 10,000 individuals belong to CUR. CUR believes that the best way to capture student interest and create enthusiasm for a discipline is through research in close collaboration with faculty members.


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