CUR Education Division Invites Applications, Student-Faculty Collaborative Research in Education Award

CUR's Education Division invites undergraduates to apply for its Student-Faculty Collaborative Research in Education Award. Two $250 awards will be presented to undergraduates dual- or double-majoring in teacher education or a related field who will be engaging in a faculty-mentored research project conducted as an independent study or as a course-embedded research project in the fall 2019-August 2020 period.

Potential Project Types

  • Should be consistent with education research at the undergraduate level and with the work of a novice researcher or a research dyad (see the Research Skill Development Framework)
  • Should have potential for impact on student continuing engagement in research and inquiry in education and education-related fields
  • Should have an impact on professional practice at some level (such as the classroom, school, or community) or in an education-related area (such as multicultural education or diversity)

Application Components

  • Stated Purpose of the Proposed Project. This should briefly describe the issue, challenge, or problem, in addition to the conceptual, theoretical, or practical framework that supports the need for investigation and the significance of the work.
  • Description of Research Methods. This should describe the research methods that will be used to conduct the research.
  • Timeline. This should describe the timeline for the proposed activities, including the proposed outcome of the work such as a paper and/or presentation.
  • Presentation Venue. This should describe the venue where the work will be shared (such as an institutional event featuring student research, or an educational or disciplinary conference) and the preferred format.
  • Letter of Recommendation from a faculty mentor

Undergraduates can apply at this link. Application deadline: April 1, 2019

Review and Notification
A three-person committee composed of members from the CUR Education Division shall judge the applications according to this rubric. All applicants will be notified of the committee's decision by May 1, 2019.

Questions may be addressed to Jenn Manak or Mike Nelson.


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