Nominations Sought, 2018 Mentor Award, CUR Physics & Astronomy Division

The Physics and Astronomy Division of CUR (CUR-PA) invites nominations for the CUR-PA Mentor Award.

Nomination Process. By March 16, 2018, applicants should prepare a letter of nomination that summarizes the candidate’s undergraduate research mentoring activities over the past several years. Additional supporting documents from other colleagues are welcome.

Send nominations via email to Terry Oswalt.

Nominations will be reviewed by the CUR-PA Councilors, and decisions will be announced within 2-3 weeks of the due date. Note the following details regarding nominations:

  • Awards are limited to physics- and astronomy-related disciplines.
  • Only one nomination may be submitted per department.
  • Separate physics and astronomy departments on the same campus will be considered as distinct and are each eligible.
  • CUR-PA Councilors may apply, but an award will be made only if funds are available after awards have been made to the general CUR-PA membership.

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