Call for NCUR 2020 FAN Abstracts. Deadline: Friday, December 6, 2019 

Submit a FAN Session Proposal

We invite faculty and administrators to submit abstracts for Faculty-Administrator Network (FAN) sessions to be offered at NCUR 2020. FAN sessions are professional development presentations, demonstrations, and workshops related to the practice and scholarship of undergraduate research, experiential learning, and related high-impact educational practices. We especially encourage active, hands-on sessions and presentations focused on evidence-based best practices.

A FAN Session proposal consists of a short abstract submitted through the NCUR Registration Portal. Abstracts should provide a brief overview of the topic and the presentation format. Abstracts also must explain how the session will advance one or more of the five Strategic Pillars defined by the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)

  1. Integrating and Building Undergraduate Research into Curriculum and Coursework—focuses on building curriculum that is both research-based and supports undergraduate research as an outcome of curriculum.
  2. Assessment of the Impact of Undergraduate Research—examines the outcomes of undergraduate research on students, faculty, curriculum and institutions.
  3. Diversity and Inclusion in Undergraduate Research—offers undergraduate research to a wider audience of undergraduates, faculty, and institutions to increase the diversity of participants, particularly from underrepresented groups and institutions.
  4. Innovation and Collaboration in Undergraduate Research—expands undergraduate research opportunities beyond academic institutions to research collaborations with business and non-profit organizations as well as between higher education institutions.
  5. Internationalization and Undergraduate Research—expands the opportunities for research exchanges, research collaboration, and field research in international settings 



Submit FAN session proposals through the NCUR Registration Portal by the abstract deadline. FAN abstract submission requires three steps

  1. Prepare your proposal abstract in advance. Once you initiate your submission, it is not possible to save your submission for later. 
    • Abstracts are usually 250-300 words long. They should be no more than 450 words in length. 
    • Clearly identify the related CUR strategic pillar. 
    • Indicate how you will make your session interactive for participants.  
    • Sessions run for approximately 50 minutes... so plan accordingly.
  2. Create a new NCUR 2020 account on the NCUR Registration Portal.
  3. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll have the option to select "Create New F.A.N. Session Abstract - (Faculty Submitters Only)." You will not be able to revise your abstract after you submit. Be sure to have all required information available before your log in because you cannot save your work for later.
    • Your name, institution, phone, and email
    • Name and email for all co-presenters and coauthors
    • Full addresses for all authors and coauthors
    • Electronic copy of your abstract (to paste into the abstract field)