Thursday, April 11

1:00pm – 2:00pm and 2:15pm – 3:15pm

Preparing for Graduate School in Business

Presenter: Daniel Audia & Dennis Marrow, Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University
Location: Burruss Building 372

Ever considered an MBA or other graduate studies in the field of business?  Even if your primary academic field is outside of business, the skills you develop through a graduate business curriculum can help your future professional success in any career field. Come learn what it takes to apply and successful achieve admission to a graduate business program.

How to get Published in a Professional Journal

Presenter: Dr. Gerald Mangine, Assistant Professor, Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, Kennesaw State University
Location: Burruss Building 380

You've done the research, what's next?  Wanting to enhance your resume/CV? Get published! Whether on your own or collaborating with other students or faculty, professional journal publications are an important part of getting established on your path to your career. Come learn from a seasoned professional the process and tips for success along your journey toward publication.

The Kisses of Death in the Graduate School Application Process

Presenter: Dr. Drew Appleby, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Location: Burruss Building 381

A survey of psychology graduate admissions committee chairs revealed five categories of mistakes applicants make that diminish their probability of acceptance. Come learn key strategies that will decrease the likelihood of committing these mistakes in your graduate school application.

How to Develop a Winning Resume or CV

Presenter: Claire Beaudro & Allie Wright, Career Planning and Development, Kennesaw State University
Location: Burruss Building 382

Most people know the basics for creating a resume, but how do you create one that makes you stand out from the crowd? What about a Curriculum Vitae (CV) – what makes that different from a resume? Come learn the differences and when to use each.

National and International Scholarships and Fellowships: Taking the Next Step

Presenter: Dr. Michelle Miles, Director of National & International Scholarships & Fellowships, Kennesaw State University
Location: Burruss Building 383

With so many prestigious and competitive undergraduate and postgraduate awards available, students can struggle knowing how to begin the process. Come learn the many ways to discover, select, and apply for scholarships, and the various elements that are required. Scholarship and fellowship options include Fulbright, Gilman, Goldwater, Rengal, Mitchell, Marshall, Rhodes, Carnegie, Gates, and more.

Igniting Entrepreneurship

Presenter: Mark Hubbard, IgniteHQ President & CEO
Location: Burruss Building 384

Want to be your own boss? Want to make a unique contribution to the world? Have the drive and entrepreneurial spirit to create a new organization? Not sure where to start? This is the session for you! IgniteHQ connects startups and entrepreneurs with international accelerators, funding opportunities and talent to scale globally.

Friday, April 12

9:45am – 10:45am and 11:00am – 12:00pm

Make Yourself More Competitive for Prestigious Nationally-competitive Scholarships

Presenter: Dr. John Mateja, President, Goldwater Scholarship Foundation
Location: Burruss Building 380     

Applying for a prestigious national scholarship requires planning and preparation, often starting one to two years before an actual application is submitted. Dr. Mateja will use the application process for the Goldwater program, a competitive national scholarship for sophomores and juniors interested in pursuing research careers in the natural sciences, mathematics and engineering, as an example of how to prepare and to apply for one of these scholarships. Mateja, who was a first-generation-college student, will place particular emphasis on what students from underrepresented groups might consider doing to make themselves more competitive for these awards. Come visit! If I know your story, I can help you plan. Goldwater Scholars and those who received honorable mentions who are attending NCUR 2019 are particularly invited to the session and to a “Meet and Greet” that will be held at 12:00 pm on Friday. During the session, Goldwater awardees will be invited to share their thoughts on their Goldwater application experience.

What is it like to be in Medical School?

Presenter: Dr. Lauren Fowler, Clinical Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville
Location: Burruss Building 381

Are you planning to go to medical school and want to know more about what it will be like? Dr. Fowler, a former undergraduate Neuroscience Program Director and advisor, now teaches Neuroscience at a medical school, and her transition from undergraduate advisor to medical school professor has taught her a few things.  Come learn about what she would recommend for students to do prior to going to medical school. This is not so much a discussion of how to get in to medical school as it is an exploration of what you can do now to be successful once you go to medical school.  Topics covered will include suggested courses to take prior to going to medical school, an overview of the medical school curriculum, information about a day in the life of a medical student, and questions you will want to ask when you go on an interview for medical school. There will be time for a question and answer session at the end of the presentation.

Developing a Rock Star Elevator Pitch & Interview Skills

Presenter: Jabari Scott & Lydia Henderson, Career Planning and Development, Kennesaw State University
Location: Burruss Building 382

“What are your greatest strengths and weakness?” Oh the dreaded interview questions! Come learn critical interview skills to help you successfully navigate even the toughest of interviews. You will also learn the art of the “elevator pitch” – how to sell yourself to anyone in under one minute!

Semester At Sea: The World's Coolest Campus

Presenter: Donald Coleman, Director of Orientation and Transition Programs, Kennesaw State University
Location: Burruss Building 383

Imagine exploring a new country every week for a semester. Semester at Sea is a study abroad program of global voyages and experiential learning experiences on a floating campus. Attend this session to find out how you can you take this "voyage around the world"  and research on a global level as a student, staff, or faculty member. 

Leverage your International Experience to Compete in the Global Workforce

Presenter: Iyonka-Strawn-Valcey & Nadine Jones, The Education Abroad Office, The Division of Global Affairs, Kennesaw State University
Location: Burruss Building 384

Succeeding in a global society takes a special set of skills and experiences. International experience can be a critical tool in developing those skills, and setting yourself apart from other high achievers who are also competing for their place in the global workforce. Come learn how to leverage your international experiences, and find new opportunities, to set yourself up for a lifetime of success in the rapidly evolving global workforce.