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CURQ on the Web

Welcome to CURQ on the Web.  This feature will feature supplemental materials for articles published in the print version of the CUR Quarterly, text and visual materials not included in our print version, and will showcase complete articles separate from the print version.  We hope you find this resource both interesting and valuable.  Please send your comments and suggestions regarding CURQ on the Web to


Summer 2016 Edition

Undergraduate Research Collaborations: Partnering for High(er) Impact - Download Full Web Edition (Members Only)
Librarians Partner Across Campus to Support Undergraduate Research
Lisa M. Piazza, Drew Smith, Richard S. Pollenz
Jenna Steiner
Special Education Collaboration: Undergraduates Provide Voice and Perspective for Students and Families Living with Disabilities
—Vaughn Bicehouse
A Distributed REU Site Focused on Serving Physics and Astronomy Students from Comprehensive and Community Colleges
—Michael Jackson, John F. Mateja
Research Collaboration Creates Opportunities for High-Impact Undergraduate Research
—Ann E. Ellis, Lisa M. Oakes
Spreading High-Impact Practices from the Genomics Lab to the Entire College and Beyond
—Gita Bangera, Kim Harrington, Cheryl Vermilyea
Undergraduate Research Highlights
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