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CURQ on the Web

Welcome to CURQ on the Web.  This feature will feature supplemental materials for articles published in the print version of the CUR Quarterly, text and visual materials not included in our print version, and will showcase complete articles separate from the print version.  We hope you find this resource both interesting and valuable.  Please send your comments and suggestions regarding CURQ on the Web to

Summer 2013 Edition

Building Undergraduate Research Experiences into General Education - Download Full Web Edition (Members Only)
Interdisciplinary Cohort-Based Undergraduate Research at the Ocean Research College Academy
Ardi Kveven, Josh Searle
CURQ Vignettes:
Introductory Biology Course Involves Every Student in Authentic Research - Clark A. Lindgren, David Lopatto; Engaging First-Year Students in the Earth Sciences Through Dune Research: The FYRES Experience - Deanna van Dijk, Crystal Bruxvoort; Undergraduate Research in a Japanese Culture Class: A Pedagogical Narrative - Sufumi So; First-Year Experience: Think Lile a Nurse - Marie Graf, Kathryn H. Anderson; The Practical Value of Undergraduate Participation in Descriptive Science Research - Susan J. Rehorek, Timothy D. Smith; An Integrated Research and Writing Experience for Freshman Biology Students - Christopher J. Grant, Jill B. Keeney, Norris Z. Muth
Intellectual Development among Participants in Faculty-Led Research
Lauren Griffith, Tolga Kaya
Introducing Primary Scientific Literature to First-year Undergraduate Researchers
Susan Carson, Eric S. Miller
Washington Partners' Advocacy Column
It's All About Relationships
Undergraduate Research Highlights
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