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CURQ on the Web

Welcome to CURQ on the Web.  This feature will feature supplemental materials for articles published in the print version of the CUR Quarterly, text and visual materials not included in our print version, and will showcase complete articles separate from the print version.  We hope you find this resource both interesting and valuable.  Please send your comments and suggestions regarding CURQ on the Web to


Fall 2016 Edition

Undergraduate Research in the Curriculum - Download Full Web Edition (Members Only)
Building Research into Undergraduate Curricula: Georgia College & State University
Moves Full STEAM Ahead
Doreen Sams, Karen Berman, Steven Jones, Amy Pinney, Kalina Manoylov, Christine Mutiti, Samuel Mutiti, Allison R.
VandeVoort, Caralyn B. Zehnder
Karen K. Resendes, Joseph M. Balczon, Joshua C. Corrette-Bennett, Kerri Cornell Duerr, Katherine Robertson
Research in a Senior/Sophomore Cell Biology Curriculum
— Melville B. Vaughan
Course Scaffolding for Research Practicums
— David Lonzarich, Evan Weiher, Ruth Cronje, Jessica Kraker
Undergraduate Research Highlights
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