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CUR Quarterly Book Review Policy

CUR Quarterly Book Review Policy

The CUR Quarterly will publish short reviews of books and other new publications the editors deem of interest to the undergraduate research community. Books or other publications will be reviewed within 12 months of publication. The Book Review Editor will select appropriate titles for review and solicit reviewers. In order to ensure that the reviews are as timely as possible, the Book Review Editor will expect to receive finished reviews within two months of assignment. Each printed issue of the CUR Quarterly will include one review; all accepted reviews will be posted to the CUR Quarterly website.

Reviews should be 600-800 words in length, following this format:

Title, author(s)
Publisher, ISBN
Number of pages, price.
Reviewed by [name, institution/affiliation, email address]
Brief summary of the author(s)’ intent, intended audience, and argument.
Strengths and weaknesses of the publication.

Reviews should communicate to readers the scope of the book's content, assess its major points and contributions, and provide a reasoned judgment about its worth. In keeping with proper scholarly method, any critique should be directed at an author's work. Reviews that contain materials considered to be directed towards an author's character or that are considered to be potentially libelous will be rejected. CUR-Q welcomes reviewers’ opinions about the publication being reviewed, but insists that those opinions be supported with examples or other evidence. 

The Book Review Editor will accept reviews as submitted, return them with suggestions for revision, or reject them as unacceptable.  All accepted reviews will be posted to the CUR-Q website.  Each printed issue of CUR-Q will include one review selected by the Book Review Editor in consultation with the Editor-in-Chief, a reproduction of the book’s cover, and titles and authors of publications reviewed on the website.

Suggested titles for review and book reviews should be submitted via email to:
Book Review Editor
Susan Berry Brill de Ramirez
Department of English
Bradley University