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Application Checklist

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Information to be supplied by the College/University Administration:
___ AAUP Salary Ranges and Starting Salaries for Faculty Ranks
___ Recent Levels of Internal Support for Start-Up Costs, Research, Equipment, and Faculty Travel Funding for the Department and/or Division
___ Statement of Goals for the Department and/or Division
___ Name, Title, Address, Telephone and Fax Number of
___ Department Chair/Head
___ Dean or Division Head
___ and/or designated administrative contact person, (if different than above)
___ Last Fall Total Undergraduate Enrollment
___ Last Fall Total Graduate (M.S.) Enrollment
___ Description of Sabbatical Leave and Other Faculty Development Programs

Information to be supplied by the Department:

A. Personnel
___ Vitae of each Faculty Member; include grants received, publications (indicate names of undergraduate co-authors)
___ Four to Five Year Listing of Teaching Loads (total contact hours per week) of all Individual Faculty Members (all courses and laboratory sections)
___ A List of Technical/Clerical Support Staff members with List of Responsibilities
___ A Description of any Release Time/Teaching Credit Programs for Chairs, for Directed Research, for New Tenure-Track Faculty Members, or any other faculty members
___ A Description of the Role, if any, of Teaching Assistants (MS Graduate or Undergraduates)
B. The Department
___ A Narrative Statement of Departmental Goals and Recent History
___ A Description of the Role of the Department within the Division/College of Science
___ Four to Five Year Listing of Enrollments in all Courses and Laboratory Sections
___ Four to Five Year Listing of Departmental Graduates, Honors Received and Post- Baccalaureate
___ A Description of the Departmental Seminar Program, if any
___ A Listing of Library Journal Subscriptions in the Discipline (and related disciplines)
___ A List of Computer Data Bases or Search Facilities Available to Students/Faculty
___ A List of Science Library Staff
C. Curriculum
___ Course Syllabi (most recent for each course taught; include multiple sections if sections differ substantially)
___ College Catalogue or Bulletin
___ Suggested Program Outlines for the Major and the Minor, if one exists
___ Description of Recent Curricular Modifications and their Impact
D. Budget
___ 4-5 Year Listing of Departmental Budget Line Items
___ 4-5 Year Listing of Departmental Library Journal and Book Budgets
___ 4-5 Year Listing of Internal Research Support

E. Equipment and Facilities
___ Departmental Building Space in Square Feet (also indicate % available for research)
___ Description of Multimedia and other Instructional Technology routinely available
___ Description of Animal Husbandry and Greenhouse Facilities (if they exist)
___ Description of Other Specialized Facilities (e.g., darkrooms, NMR room, laser lab, etc.)
___ Description of Safety Equipment, Safety Program, etc.
___ Major Instrumentation--List Up To 10 Instruments and Year of Acquisition
___ 4-5 Year Listing of Departmental Budgets for Capital Equipment Acquisition and Maintenance (including computers)
___ 4-5 Year Listing of Departmental Equipment Grants (list external source & amount)
F. Undergraduate/Graduate Research
___ 4-5 Year Listing of Internal Research Support (any source within the school for research activity)
___ 4-5 Year Listing of Summer Research Projects, Including Topic, Supervisor, Student, Graduation Year of Student, and Source(s) of support.
___ 4-5 Year Listing of Departmental Research Grants (grants from external sources that are not specific to an individual research program)
___ 4-5 Year Listing of Academic Year Independent (Directed Research) Projects Supervised by Your Faculty
___ Representative copies of recent Independent Studies and/or MS theses
G. Opportunities and Problems
(This section is taken, with permission, from the excellent booklet “AAPT Guidelines for the Review of Baccalaureate Physics Programs”)
___ What Opportunities Do You See For Improving Your Departmental Program?
___ What are the Most Critical Problems Facing Your Program?
___ If Additional Resources Could Be Devoted to Your Departmental Program, in What Order Would You Address the Opportunities or Problems Identified Above?

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