VSGC manages the recruitment and selection process and makes the following arrangements for participants:

  • Round trip airfare (or mileage if student drives)
  • Stipend checks are disbursed in three increments; student receives initial check prior to departure for the assigned NASA center; the second at the midpoint of the assignment, and the third at the end of the session. Second and third stipend checks will be distributed by the Center Coordinator
  • Housing allowance for specific Centers

The USRP Center Coordinators arrange the following: 

  • Center-specific safety training to all students (including OSHA training)
  • Distribution of second and third paychecks (automatic deposit, mail, pick-up)
  • Center security access, including proper badging, applicable computer security clearances, and parking permits
  • Library orientation and tour
  • Information concerning access to on-site health and physical fitness facilities
  • Assistance with other special facilities access as appropriate
  • Introduction to the Center, including orientation briefing and tour to help students learn as much as possible about the Center
  • Coordinate student social events 
  • Help students establish a social network with other students in USRP or other programs early to help reduce anxiety. 

Because dormitory and college life provides much more support and structure than the USRP experience, Center Coordinators should offer assistance in:

  • Helping students find housing
  • Planning transportation between work and home.

Coordinators should meet all USRP students personally. In order to ensure early identification of problems, Center Coordinators should institute a regular opportunity for students to report on their situations. Personal meetings are encouraged, but at least personal e-mail (not to the group or list) contact should be made.